Baby Milestones 101- Self Soothing

Why is your baby sucking her fingers? If that worries you, then give this a read.

Many new moms tend to think that sucking fingers is a sign of hunger or teething, but most of the times, it isn’t.


Babies develop this reflex at the age of 2-3 months , moreover, it is considered as a milestone. They learn to identify their hands and fingers, their skills build more and they are able to make their hands reach their mouth, which also delights them. So, next time, if your baby does so, don’t stop her or make her wear mittens. Let her feel her fingers and soothe herself.

The good news is- once she learns to soothe herself, you won’t need to wake up multiple times at night to pacify her, and by the time she is 4-5 months old, you’ll probably get to sleep all night without waking up. So let her develop this without being worried about her hunger or teething, it’s a phase- and a good one! So, smile 🙂

2 thoughts on “Baby Milestones 101- Self Soothing

  1. Omg… Is it so….my girl will be 5 months soon, and what she wants is all her fingers in mouth all time. Even licking and making herself face , clothes everything messy with saliva, i am worried that she will develop a habit of licking thumb or finger. Does this habit disappear?

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