Babywearing- Littlewings Ring Sling

As it sit down and write this, I miss my days with this gorgeous black lily! Ah, what a beauty it was ❤️️ So, I received black lily RS as a part of Littlewings traveller program and I got one good week to enjoy the luxury, but unfortunately the day it arrived, my little one developed ear infection combined with early teething- which meant incessant crying and sleepless nights. Fortunately, black lily came just when I needed it the most. I can’t forget how instantly she slept when I wore her.

Apart from that, there are a few things I loved loved loved about this beautiful RS:
1. Colour- So I have a linen sling already- but it’s in pink and I honestly regret purchasing a bright colour since when it comes to babywearing, subtle and classy colours look great, especially because I wear hijab. Black lily almost looked like a part of my attire and I love how fabulous the colour and design is!
2. Sturdiness- When I saw images of this RS, I thought it must be ultra soft and might slip when treading or wearing. To my surprise, it’s super sturdy. I walked hands-free because I was so confident about its sturdiness- which has never happened before. And yeah, I wasn’t wrong about the softness part. It’s surprising how it’s soft and yet so tough.
3. Deep seat- I was amazed when I could easily manage a deep seat with this RS, and that too at first attempt. I’ve been babywearing for around 3 months, almost everyday – but I couldn’t achieve a deep seat like this ever. BabyM slept so comfortably!
4. Back support- I have a double layered linen RS but still baby’s back support as good as this one! Since the material of this RS is thick, it creates a stiff back support which is crucial for floppy newborns and infants, like mine.

Cost: Around 2500-3000/-

Rating: 8.5/10


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