5 things no one told me about pregnancy

IMG_5051We all must have heard so many stories about pregnancy, so much so that when I became pregnant, I thought I knew it all, but I was wrong. Strangely, there are so many minor facts that no one talks about. I’ve listed a five such facts which atleast I was unaware of when I got pregnant.

1. Weight loss is normal

When you conceive and up until 5 months, the size of the baby is pretty small , plus your body is undergoing a lot of stress, so you might not gain weight and possibly even lose some- which is completely normal. At first, I  freaked out when I lost 4 kgs, but later I learned that weight maintenance towards the beginning is actually good for healthy weight gain throughout the pregnancy.

2. Honeymoon period

Yeah, you read that right. There’s something called pregnancy honeymoon period. So, during my first trimester I was suffering from a condition called ‘hyperemesis’ which meant incessant vomiting which sometimes continued all night. Looking at my condition, me and my husband thought it was best to quit my job, since we anticipated that it might worsen with passing days but little were we aware that ‘honeymoon period’ was awaiting us!

So basically, unlike what I thought, the second trimester is considered to be the best one- since your body has gotten accustomed to the growth within you by then and all the symptoms you have been suffering from, begin to subside. Try to make most of this period- do something constructive or go for your Babymoon. Believe me, you will miss alone time later.

3. Facial glow and food cravings- Not everyone gets those

I don’t know if it happens with everyone but I honestly didn’t notice any pregnancy glow per se. I looked and my skin felt just like it was before pregnancy. I also longed for nights when I would feel like having chicken wings or chocolate ice cream, like they show in the movies, but none of that happened too!

4. You might start hating people!

First things first- let me confess, I love my husband, a lot, but I don’t know what pregnancy does to our brain! You’d notice that you start getting irritated and mad at people easily, especially your husband! Make sure to discuss with him beforehand so that he sails with you through this and doesn’t have second thoughts about you! :p

5. Urine incontinence

I knew pregnant women tend to pee frequently, but I didn’t know laughing or sneezing could also result in some boo-boo episodes! There were so many instances when I controlled my laughter because I feared I’ll wet my pants. Pregnancy can get so uncomfortable at times, well honestly, most of the times.. But it’s equally beautiful too! 🙂


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