Review of Mothercare Baby Milk Bath

After using it for almost 2 months and exhausting half of the bottle, I thought it was time I write about my experience using this body bath.

After my baby was born, I got a couple of gifts which included skin care kits and so for the first month, I used baby soaps that came along. Later I started to realise that her skin is not as soft it used to be and it was drying. My hunt to get a body bath then begun. I read a lot of articles on what has to be used to keep the skin soft and prevent rashes if it is sensitive. In conclusion, body baths that contain milk are very moisturising and keep the skin soft and supple. In my search to get a milk bath for her, I stumbled upon Mothercare’s All we know baby milk bath- and I’m so happy I came across this one! So let me share my thoughts on this


What it claims?

– Made with milk proteins to help moisturise skin and protect its natural softness

– Contains olive oil and chamomile that soothes and moisturises the skin

– Hypoallergenic

– Dermatologically tested to be kind to the skin

Price- ₹345/- for a 300ml bottle

What I like about it?

– It doesn’t lather much and hence doesn’t dry out the skin. I’ve even used it two times a day and yet her skin remained moisturised.

– Doesn’t have a very strong fragrance which I like.

– Paraben free

– Makes the skin very soft. I even use it as a face wash for myself at times and it makes my skin soft too.

– When I used soaps, I found tiny red bumps on her chest since her skin is sensitive, but when I used this, I didn’t notice any rashes, redness or bumps, which proves that it’s kind to the skin.

– Gives a very luxurious feel.

– Available online on amazon and firstcry.


What I don’t like about it?

– Packaging- They really need to improve on that! It’s not very comfortable to use.

– Price point- Can be slightly reduced so that everyone on a budget can buy.

Rating: 7.5/10

Will I repurchase?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review!

1 thought on “Review of Mothercare Baby Milk Bath

  1. How do you maintain your babies face skin?
    cos my baby always end up with rashes,white Patches and tiny red bumps on his face.
    I massage his face with coconut oil n apply dermadew sope m sebamed baby cream. I always feel his skin ruff.

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