5 things no one told me about ‘C-section’ delivery

I NEVER wanted to have LSCS delivery and worked really really hard for VD, but in the end, fate has its say! Mine was an emergency c-section after my last Color Doppler test showed diminishing oxygen supply to the foetus which could have resulted in respiratory distress during labour. Honestly, I wasn’t mentally prepared for c-section so it sort of added on to my post partum depression!

Hence, I’m jotting down a few facts I was completely unaware of until I delivered via c-section, so that all of you who might go through the same are more prepared than I was.


1. To see or not to see

Not sure if they ask this to everyone, but my Ob-gyn asked me if I’d like to see the delivery. I was so freaked out at that moment that I denied. Now I look back and regret- How I wish I’d seen her come out of me!

2. It’s not a minor surgery

Until I delivered, I assumed c-section is the easier way out, but when I entered the OT, that’s when I realised it isn’t. I saw a team of 12-15 doctors and paramedics, all surrounded around one stretcher on which I was supposed to lie. My hands were tied/buckled, oxygen mask was put, anesthetisa was injected, heart rate and pulse rate was being recorded and they all got started. It isn’t a minor surgery, no!

3. There are contractions

Yes, there are contractions, perhaps not as tough as they are in labour, but they’re pretty severe. I almost cried all day. The only difference is- in VD there are contractions before birth and in csection, it’s succeeds the surgery and may go on the entire day and following night too. I was given pain killers thrice or four times  but the intensity of the contractions was still very severe.

4. The pain post surgery is horrible

I wonder why no one speaks of this- but the pain is very severe. I wasn’t able to turn my head for one complete day. I couldn’t sit or walk too. It was so bad that I thought I’m going to be like this forever (I know it sounds lame, but believe me, those were my thoughts that day). I gradually started to sit, with help on the second day and then walk, but it took me around 12 days to stand by myself without any help.

5. The incision area remains numb for a long time

They say that the external part of the incision heals within a fortnight but the internal stitches take around 3 years to heal completely. Also the area around the incision remains numb. I delivered around 3.5 months ago, and it’s now that I’m starting to feel sensation there, until now, I didn’t feel a thing when touched.


7 thoughts on “5 things no one told me about ‘C-section’ delivery

  1. I know right!!! So what I want people to know when they roll their eyes when they learn I had a c-sec.. it is the most scariest moment– and The contractions feel like they are tearing through the stitches!!!

  2. Yes it’s not that so easy but now a days people prefer it as they can’t bear with labour pain during ND is what I see and after C-section this is what they phase

  3. I have seen pregnancy and post pregnancy experience is different for everyone. It’s not easy either way you deliver. That’s what I feel.My back pain was pretty bad till 3montgs after that it got better. Somehow my incision healed pretty quickly and I have sensation in the area too!

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