5 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Pregnancy doesn’t come along with a manual and no matter how much people warn and inform you- each pregnancy has its own challenges and requirements.

I’ve jotted down five things I swore by during my nine-months-spell.

IMG_5454.PNG1. Maternity leggings

There’s a reason this is featured first on my list and that’s so because I don’t remember a single day I wore anything else except these. I had three maternity leggings that I remember purchasing from snapdeal early on in my pregnancy and I wore every single day until I delivered. They’re super comfortable and easy to style since they don’t make you look shabby with the huge belly.

2. Bio oil

I dreaded developing stretch marks since I’ve always heard they remain for life. Just when my first trimester got over, I purchased bio oil from amazon and used it religiously. I must confess, it really helped me prevent stretch marks completely!

3. Comfortable shoes

I don’t know if it was this, walking regularly or mainiting my salt intake- but I didn’t have swollen feet at all. So yes, invest in a good pair of shoes, because swollen feet and inability to walk is the last thing you’d want to have.

4. Mason jar

Pregnancy demands a lot of fluids- and by fluids I don’t mean just water- we need milk, soups and juices to stay hydrated and have enough nutrients for the growing baby. I don’t know about others, but pregnancy made me very lazy and I always needed some motivation to get up and help myself. Being a sucker for cute things, mason jar came handy. I actually enjoyed preparing smoothies for myself and relished drinking in this jar. This was specific to me, but make sure to have something to motivate you to stay healthy!

5. V-wash cleanser

I saved the best of the last. Urinary tract infection is very common in pregnancy and can cause a lot of harm to both the growing foetus and the mother. I developed UTI in the seventh month due to which I started having pain and false contractions. It’s then when I got this and used it till the last day of my pregnancy and thankfully never had even one episode of UTI. I don’t think many women take care of that area, but believe me, since it’s the organ which will deliver your baby , keeping it clean and healthy will benefit you and the baby the most!



4 thoughts on “5 Pregnancy Must-Haves

  1. Except for bio oil and V-wash, I too had other stuff. Instead of bio-oil, I had made my own concoction to better prepare for the inevitable stretch marks that pregnancy brings and since attaining puberty, I have been using Lactacyd which I continue to use till date.

  2. Oh yes so informative. Thanks elina. May be i ll ask someone in india to send me bio oil. As i wont get it here. Rest all i have.

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