5 Practical Reasons why I Switched to Exclusive Cloth Diapering

Yes, they’re environmental friendly and don’t take 500 years to discompose unlike its disposable variant, they’re economical and oh-so-cute! But here are additional 5 reasons why you should consider cloth diapering–
1. Space savers:
In a city like Mumbai, where most of the homes are already doll-sized, baby stuff takes almost all the space. After my baby’s arrival- came home her crib, her rocker/bouncer, a basket to keep toys/books and cupboard for her clothes and diapers too. I remember vacating one complete shelf in my wardrobe so that there’s room for her disposable diapers- which I generally purchased in bulk.
Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are usually limited in number and can be easily stacked with baby clothes 😊

2. Good for the animals:
How many times did you notice animals around the dumping yard, trying to dig in the garbage to feed themselves? I always feel bad when I throw pads/diapers in the dustbin and fear these animals accidentally opening the pack to eat the disposables filled with excreta. Cloth diapers are just not good for the environment, they’re good for the animals too.

3. CDs can replace bloomers:
Now I don’t need to worry about what can I make her wear under those tiny frocks. Cloth diapers double as bloomers and look absolutely adorable too!

4. Signs of cold:
Those who aren’t moms yet, may find this gross- so please skip this part if you aren’t prepared for #pooptalk πŸ™ˆπŸ’©
We all know how stickiness and mucus can be a sign of cold. While on disposables, I often cleaned her quickly and threw the diaper without checking for any stickiness on it. Since cloth diapering demands washing, I am able to detect cold easily and treat her before it affects her health adversely.

5. Not bulky on the bum:
My daughter can stand wetness, but not bulkiness. She cries her lungs out when the disposable diaper gets bulky- and if it’s OTB all night, she doesn’t sleep well. We all know how the gels take in the pee and swell up thus giving the dry feel, but resulting in very heavy diapers by the morning. After switching to AIO, that did not happen and she now sleeps peacefully!

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