DIY: Baby wipes solution

After switching to exclusive cloth diapering, my next motive was to go natural with the wipes too. I intended to use disposable wipes only when travelling and opt for cotton cloth with wipes solution at home.

Here’s how I prepared baby wipes solution. It’s super easy and lasts long!

All you need is:

1. Water

2. Organic coconut oil and

3. Baby soap liquid

Procedure: (to prepare around  120 ml)

1. Take 100 ml or 3/4th cup of boiled/filtered water. (I’m preparing 30ml, hence the pictures may appear to be deceptive)


2. To it add 10ml of organic coconut oil


3. And finally around 10 ml of baby soap liquid


Mix well and fill it in a spray bottle. If you’re using an old one like me, make sure to sterilise it well.


Although you can spritz it directly on the bum, but I prefer spraying it on the cotton cloth and then lightly cleaning the bum to avoid redness or rashes.

Isnt this so easy? And yeah, coconut oil is the best remedy for diaper rashes, so this method of cleaning will help you prevent and cure that too! 🙂



12 thoughts on “DIY: Baby wipes solution

  1. That’s a good pictorial! I always have wanted to do one myself but its draining 😉
    It sounds like a good DIY! Thanks for sharing!

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