DIY: Baby Socks

Don’t you agree, finding good fitting socks for new born babies is a task? And even if you do, they may not be as pocket friendly as you may want! So here’s a quick DIY for you!! This is for a newborn upto 3 months if your baby is lean. If you have an older or healthier child, you can take the measurement and make accordingly.


What will you need?

– An old or unused sock of yours (Tip: Take solid colour or uniform print for older kids)

– A pair of scissors

– Thread and a needle

That’s all!! 🙂


– Take a sock and cut as shown in the figure. For older kids, take the measurement and cut from any other part and not parallel


IMG_5810– Bring the backside up and sew the edges.


– Reverse and it’s done!! Easy, right?

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