Twinkles Teether- Review and Thoughts 

When babies are about 2.5-3 months old, they start sucking and chewing on things to ease the itching on their gums. I was worried when BabyM reached that phase because she used to put everything in her mouth- be it a bedsheet, random cloth kept somewhere, her toys and even my hair >.<

I knew she needed a teether, and one fine day, she got very cranky. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to a random kids shop in the vicinity and got one for her, hoping she will feel better. But neither could she hold it nor could she put it in her mouth. And even today, it’s lying there in her play basket, completely untouched, and that’s because it was made of a hard and thick plasticy material and did nothing that a teether should do. I then started researching on what and how a teether should be and which ones are ideal to soothe the pain. I came across Twinkles Teethers in my search and loved them- the design, clip feature and most importantly, the vivid colours. 

Here are some more things that make these teethers brilliant:

  • They’re made of 100% food grade silicone and are BPA free- Hence non-toxic.
  • They’re approved by the FDA and this gives me so much relief 🙂
  • They do not harbour bacteria or growth of molds or fungus
  • Sterilising and keeping them clean is ultra simple 
  • It has a clip that can be attached to baby’s dress while she’s playing- this helps the teether from falling on the floor and getting contaminated. Also, while traveling, I always feared she’ll accidentally throw away her toys or teethers, but now I clip it and it stays throughout the journey. 

  • It’s economic and definitely an investment! Your baby will use it for a long time 🙂
  • It doubles as a toy! My little one loves to touch the beads, see the colours and obviously put it in her mouth. These days I just carry her teether while traveling and I’m sorted 🙂 
  • All the edges are soft, including the clip. So you don’t have to worry about it hurting the baby in any way.

What you have to be careful about:

  • Don’t leave the baby unattended with the teether.
  • Stetilise and clean it well before giving it to your baby.

It came nicely packed and reached us well on time! They have an active Instagram page and you’re free to ask questions when in doubt. 

Verdict: 9/10

Cost: Starting from ₹610/-

Available online?: Yes

Instagram: @mytwinkesstore


Awesomesauce fact: They’re handmade and each piece is crafted with immense love! Maybe that’s why babies love it so much <3
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We received the product to try and test and write our honest opinion. 

Thank you for reading!

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