Essential Baby Weaning Equipment- Things you need to buy before introducing solids #WeaningWithMomFunda

Weaning, also now known as complementary feeding, can be a daunting and time consuming process, and to make the journey smoother for you and for the baby, getting the right tool plays a key role.  I started weaning my daughter when she was 5.5 months old (It’s highly suggested to start at 6 months, but due to certain unavoidable circumstances, I had to commence early). So, before I started solids, I did a little research, made a list and zeroed on a few things for her which are super handy and are easy to use. Without wasting much time, let me quickly share the list with you too!

Also, before I share the items, it’s important for me to inform you about the route I chose for weaning- i.e. Combination Feeding. What I do is- I place some soft solids on her table and allow her to hold, explore and try eating on her own. Once she tries to pick it, puts in her mouth, eats a little and gets bored, I take it from her, puree/mash it and feed her, to fill the nutritional gap.

So, here we go:

1. Booster seat/ High chair

It aids in keeping the child focused while eating and limits his mobility, which helps in increasing his intake. I was looking for something that can be folded when not used and also be carried along while travelling, so I purchased this booster seat by Fisher Price. You can easily find it in local shops and on Amazon too.


Here’s the link:

2. Bibs:

Once the baby starts eating, it’s going to be messy. It’ll take a while for the baby to learn to eat in a disciplined way. To keep her clothes from getting soiled, bibs are a must have ! You can get the silicone ones with crumb catchers, plastic ones, regular cloth ones or denim ones, based on your choice and requirements. I purchased mine from Firstcry and loved the quality. They’re very quirky and easy to clean too.



Here’s the link:

3. Spout Cup:

Once the baby is introduced to solids, he will need water too. I chose not to give my daughter any bottle since it can be habit forming and also she was too young to have water straight from the cup. Spout cups make the transition from nipple to cup easy. She immediately accepted it and absolutely loves to drink (and play) with water. I purchased the one by Philips Avent and swear by it.


Here’s the link:

4. Travel friendly feeding bowl:

You will need a good quality feeding bowl and spoon, made of either BPA free silicon, plastic or wood. I choose this one since it is travel friendly, apt for her age and has a masher too. I love how versatile it is.


Here’s the link:

5. Feeder:

I actually got this as a gift and my daughter loves it. It acts as a teether while providing the baby with the juice of the fruit put in it. Also, many mothers are worried about the baby accidentally chewing a large price of the fruit which can result in choking.  This feeder prevents that and hence is a great way to give babies different fresh fruits. I have another one, brought from Australia, but this feeder is very similar to the one I have.


Here’s the link:

I hope you found this article helpful!

Please share your thoughts/suggestions too. Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Essential Baby Weaning Equipment- Things you need to buy before introducing solids #WeaningWithMomFunda

  1. Perfect timing for me to read the blog, my daughter will be 5months 15th and here i go with the most useful equipments lists in a single place. Thank you.
    I.look.forwatd ro your blogs, especially when both.our kids are of more.or.less similar.age.
    Has she started sitting on her own?

      1. No no. She just rolls,and pushes herself upwards whike playing.. She us jys completed her 5 Months.
        Do guide or blog on how to go initially withh water and food.
        Should we go directly to spout cups for water in 6 months,ir should start with regukat feefing ones

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