Nursing Cape by Blush 9- Review

Breastfeeding in public is as challenging as essential it is! I vividly remember going for a lunch party on a friend’s birthday and having a horrible time feeding her while the waiters roamed around, it was very embarrassing, even though I used a scarf to cover myself.

No matter how many bottles you carry and arrangements you make, your child might find comfort while being nursed or being skin-to-skin with you and might even cry his lungs out until he is latched on. In such scenarios, a nursing cape comes super handy.

The nursing cape I have, is from a brand called Blush 9 maternity, who manufacture all sorts of pregnancy and nursing outfits and essentials. The quality of their products is outstanding and super soft- which is extremely important since it covers the baby while he feeds.


What I love about the cape?

  • It’s opaque and large sized- which helps in covering the baby properly without peekaboo accidents
  • The quality of the fabric used is ultra soft and has a luxurious feel
  • The hole or the neck is large enough to see and keep an eye on the baby
  • It takes almost negligible space in the diaper bag
  • You can also wear it casually and give a kimono-like style to it.


It is available on amazon, babychakra, firstcry and many more online portals!

Price: 1499/-

Rating: 8/10

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