Sensory Snuggle Cloth- DIY

Babies love the crinkly noise of plastic and polythene bags- but letting them play with it can be a little risky. Here’s how you can help them enjoy the sound of it and also give them more scope of sensory development with fun-to-touch fabrics.

What will you need?

– 1 Onesie that doesn’t fit

– Labels, strips of textured clothes

– A small empty bag of diapers or any good polythene bag

– A pair of scissors

– Needle and thread


Step 1:

1. Take a clean onesie

2. Mark a square big enough you want the snuggle cloth to be

3. Cut along the markings

4. Take small strips of textured clothes- eg denim, labels, ribbons etc. You don’t need anything fancy. Anything that you have will work too. You can also remove brand labels from the same onesie and use that too.

5. Stitch these strips along the edges of one of the fabrics

6. Once done, place the plastic/polythene bag in between the two fabrics

7. Place the second fabric over it and stitch all the edges along with the other end of the strips

8. Voila! it’s ready to be snuggled 🙂

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