The Easiest Way to Personalise your Stuff: My Cute Stick Ons

It’s been ages since I sat down and wrote something, so when I finally got the time, I just knew that the first thing I’ll talk about would be this new discovery of mine. If you know me, you probably know that I’m a sucker for personalised things, but it’s difficult and time consuming to get them. In my search, I happened to stumble upon this brand which makes not only stickers, but name labels for clothes, kitchen labels for jars, labels for shoes and even wall decals. Isn’t that so awesome? They were kind enough to send me some samples to try and review. So let’s see what all I received in the package: 

  1. 6 Biggy Labels
  2. 6 Shape Labels
  3. 10 Mini Labels
  4. 5 Round Labels 
  5. 5 Iron Labels for Clothes

What’s so unique about these stickers?

  • They’re completely waterproof. In fact, they’re even microwave, dishwasher, steriliser and washer dryer safe.
  • They’re durable and they come in various sizes so that it can fit on the smallest to the largest item of your kid.
  • They’re toxin free and made from eco and child friendly material.
  • And here’s the most ingenious quality of their wall decals- they’re removable and reusable!! How awesome is that?!
  • Also, they’re completely customisable.  

I tried sticking these Labels on various items- I then experimented with microwaving these items, washing them regularly and in fact, amidst all the shifting chaos when so many sturdy items got destroyed in the rains, these stickers stayed strong- didn’t even move a millimetre! So, after making them go through all kinds of tests (even the ones not claimed) I can definitely say that these Labels have proved to be of extremely good quality and I can completely vouch of them! 

If you’re looking to get your kids stuff customised (especially if your child goes to school and there’s a fear of losing his items), here’s my recommendation for you- Go ahead and purchase these Labels. I’m sure you’ll come back and thank me later! I’m myself planning to get kitchen Labels for me new home ๐Ÿ™‚ If I do, I’ll definitely review them for you too! 

Also, here are some ways I used these Labels. You can stick them on almost anything!! 

Final verdict: 9/10

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2 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Personalise your Stuff: My Cute Stick Ons

  1. In preschool it is so important to label everything and writing with a marker just looks so weird and trust fades away too. I love the ide of personalised stickers for everything. This would be so good for the 7yr old too ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ

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