Protect your Infant’s Feet with Soft Soles from Soul

The first thing I saw after I stepped out of the operation theatre was my daughters jiggling foot! There she laid, my little newborn, already kicking her feet in the air- it was that moment she took my breath away. I held her in my arms, hugged her tight, caressed her face, hands and feet and promised myself to protect her from every possible injury or illness- as much I can!

A newborn’s feet are made of soft and flexible cartilages. It takes months and even years for the bones to harden. Until the baby learns to walk, their feet remain soft and flat like they were at birth. In fact, it’s when a child enters teenage, that’s when the feet are completely developed like the adults.

It is crucial to take care of your baby’s feet for two reasons:

  1. Since they’re soft, they’re quite fragile and hence have to be protected from potential injuries.
  2. The external temperature has an impact on their health based on how well they’re covered. This is why you’ll hear old women tell you to cover your child’s feet and keep him warm when it’s cold outside.

When the temperature is mildly cold, a pair of socks might do the trick, but as the temperature drops, you might need something better to keep your baby’s feet warm- especially if it’s pouring cats and dogs and suddenly there’s a spike in the temperature. In situations like those, and all the other times- here’s what I’ve been using for the past two months- extensively- and loving it. Soul’s soft soles it is! 

They were my daughters first pair of shoes and I must confess, they made a perfect one. It was super easy for me to make her feet slip in them right from the beginning. Besides, the soft elastic ensured great grip while I traveled with her. 

Moreover, these baby shoes are perfect for indoor use since they have a special Sherpa insole that ensures soft cushioning to those tender feet. They are even great for outdoor use as long as the child plays on soft grass or sand. 

These trademark soles are made of soft and pliable faux suede that stretches easily and stays fastened for long durations. The bottom of these soles are also ultra smooth so that the tender feet of the baby don’t feel the roughness or coarseness of the ground while walked upon. Now that my little one wants to stand or walk all the time, I make her wear these soles all day. They can be easily cleaned and even washed!

And oh, did I mention, how gorgeous Sumac is? Look at those colours! I’m smitten! Are you too?

You can buy these soles for your little darling as well from

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