Comprehensive Comparison of Soul AnoonA and Soul Full Buckle

I love babywearing.

And it’s not just because I am hands-free and that it gives me the liberty to do whatever I want, more so because Boo loves it! It instantly calms her down, if doesn’t put her to sleep.

Babywearing was one decision I made long ago–when I was 7 months-pregnant. But when I browsed through the website of various brands, I was always surprised by the price range. I won’t lie, I found carriers pretty expensive at first. Thankfully, Soul’s traveler program came to my rescue. So basically, through their traveler program, they send a carrier of your choice to you for a couple of days to try and test and then you can decide if you’d like to buy it or not. Now, after using their carrier for almost a month, I’d give away anything to get one for myself!! I’m not even exaggerating! The quality, the built, the fabric- everything about their products is top notch!

After I became their brand ambassador, I got one carrier of my choice again and I picked Linen Full buckle in the color peppermint. Now that I have both, here’s a comprehensive comparison for you in case you’re confused as to which one to buy

Soul AnoonA VS Soul Full Buckle (Standard) 
AnoonA is the one in the colour lead (grey) 

Full buckle is the one in the colour peppermint 

1. Weight Carrying Capacity

AnoonA: AnoonA is one ingeniously designed carrier. I guess, it’s the only kind of full buckle which is fit for children from birth to toddler-hood. So, if you’re an expecting mom or a new mom- this carrier is the best investment for you. As per their website- it can carry babies from 3.2-20kgs.

Standard Full Buckle: Full buckles come in two sizes, standard and toddler. The standard one can carry babies weighing 7-18kgs.

2. Adjustments:

AnoonA: It has a completely adjustable panel and crossable shoulder straps. The waistband has adjustment settings that can be changed based on the weight of the baby. There are also settings that clinch the shoulder belt and buckles at mid-panel level too, which can again be adjusted as per the size of the baby to get that perfect snug feel.

Standard Full Buckle: It has a 2- way shoulder adjustments and one strap for the back/chest sliding.

Check the photos to see the different adjustment settings:

(Picture 1 is AnoonA and picture 2 is Standard full buckle in each category)

A. Waist band 
B. Mid-panel:

C. Shoulder level

3. Carrying positions:

AnoonA: It offers 5 carrying positions: Newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back.

Standard Full Buckle: It offers front, front facing out and back carry.

4. Additional features:


  1. The waistband has a small pocket which can tuck in keys and your mobile phone too.The hood is detachable so that the wearer can decide if he/she wants to keep it or can simply remove it.There is a fold-able neck support in the front which makes it ideal for floppy and fragile newborns.Standard Full Buckle:
  2. Minimal buckles and adjustment settings – so it’s quicker to carry and easy to use.Zero lerning curve- I admit, AnoonA took me a while to understand while the standard one was hassle free!
  3. When folded, the linen one is ultra small and takes bare minimum space in the diaper bag, as compared to AnoonA which requires relatively larger space, though not significantly large.

5. Price Range:

AnoonA: Rs. 5750/- plus taxes

Standard Full Buckle: Starts from Rs. 3750/- plus taxes

Hope this comparison was helpful. Comment below if you have any queries or if you liked what you just read 🙂



Author, MomFunda

18 thoughts on “Comprehensive Comparison of Soul AnoonA and Soul Full Buckle

  1. Hey.. I’ve been looking forward to buy a baby carrier for quite some time. My boy is already 1 year old but carrying him around has just got difficult as he’s become heavier, so I’d wish to use a carrier as long as I can into his toddlerhood.

    Could you specify the weight limit for full buckle toddler? Guess you missed to specify that.

  2. I m always in search of gud carrier as my baby weights a lil heavy …..hv tried arnd 2-3 carriers which doesnt stand on their function….hope it wrks fr me as nxt month planning fr some trip…

  3. I own a hybrid wrap by another brand and a Soul full buckle. Even though it takes up space I like the full buckle for ease of use. Also my son likes the fit better, so we end up reaching for it more often. This is a detailed review and I am sure will help new moms considering which one to buy.

  4. Well this is a detailed comparison and I am sure anyone looking out to invest in a good carrier would be very much benefited from this post. I am out of that phase but these goody good baby things bring back memories

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