Post-partum Backache and Babywearing

People say pregnancy is for three trimesters, but if you think about it, our body is not our own for a long long time!
Our body changes drastically during and post pregnancy, every single joint and every single cell is affected.
Be it a vaginal delivery or a Cesarean-section, back ache in all circumstances is inevitable. Apart from the lower spinal anesthesia which can also add icing on the cake in case of a c-section, there are various factors (reasons) that contribute to this pain:

Spike in the hormone ‘Relaxin’:
During pregnancy, in order to relax the joints and ligaments, our body produces a hormone called ‘relaxin’ in our pelvis to make it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal. This hormone, basically makes all the muscles and ligaments elastic and soft, which can increase the chances of injury and pain when seated for a long time. Also, since it’s presence is unstable (in terms of amount), the risk of inflammation and joint misalignment increases which leads to lower back pain. It takes about 5 months for levels of this hormone to normalize.

Stretching of uterus: Again, during pregnancy, our uterus stretches to it’s maximum size, thus altering the posture and putting tremendous strain on the back.

Long feeding hours and bad posture: After delivery, comes the era of feeding (cluster feeding, comfort feeding and all sorts of feeding) due to which, mothers are sitting for long duration, and sometimes, for hours together. Bad sitting/reclining posture may add on to the back ache and make it even worse.

Constant bending: Constant bending to lift and keep your baby also causes strain on the back, especially for the first couple of weeks.

How to treat post-partum backache?

Exercise: Stretching exercise on the floor, soon after delivery ensures restoring muscle tone and flexibility.

Weight reduction
: Reducing weight goes a long way in bringing down the strain and pressure on your back.

Don’t bend, sit: When lifting your baby, don’t stretch your arms, instead, sit on your knees and take him/her. This will not cause pain in your back and also help in reducing belly fat.

Avoid bending while feeding: While breastfeeding, do not bend to reach, rather try to pull the baby towards you so that the stress is reduced. You can also opt for lying position to reduce the stress.

Last, but my favorite. Consider babywearing: 

Since the weight is distributed throughout your shoulder and back, the strain is reduced significantly.

I’ve felt a lot of strain on my back while carrying my daughter without a carrier. When you wear your baby, the shoulder straps take the weight, your back is spared.

If you’re a new mom like me, here’s a suggestion for you. Choose babywearing- and choose an ergonomic carrier. It’ll help a lot in curbing back ache and even preventing it.

Featured here is Soul AnoonA- A carrier fit for children from birth to toddler-hood (3.2-20kg)

Check more here:

Hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading and do share how you managed your back ache!

19 thoughts on “Post-partum Backache and Babywearing

  1. I was lucky not to experience post partum backaches, but I absolutely agree that after consulting your doctor, babywearing makes things a lot easier on your body. Glad you were able to find some relief 🙂

  2. Though I didn’t have any back ache but I always felt difficulty in holding my baby while doing daily chores. And ohhh my myy….I always thought how much good a baby carrier could do. Only to realise how evenly the baby’s weight gets distributed on wearing them. No doubt it’s a life saviour😇

  3. This is a very nice article- I was in lot of pain post delivery – and the pain still comes back at times!
    I will abide by the tips you have shared!

  4. I had a terrible backache post delivery and it was mainly because of wrong posture. I wish someone had told me then about the right posture . Totally agree with you on babywearing part. It does help in many ways.

  5. Oh I remember how bad were those first 8 months post delivery, I had severe back pain which turned to sciatica later on, but I clearly remember using my baby carrier on the days of the growth spurt and teething phases when I used to wear my baby almost all the time. I haven’t tried soul slings but these definitely looks great to use. Thanks for writing about this 🙂

  6. I never thought of baby wearing this way but some seriously good info her. My tail bone had gotten pushed down quite a bit during pregnancy and it used to hurt while sitting after delivery. While doing house chores, Karma would either be in the cot or I would wear her for quick errands. It’s definitely a boon! 🙂

  7. So..thankfully I haven’t experienced back ache during or after pregnancy but reading your post does make me realize it can be a real pain for women who experience it. Thanks for sharing tips on how to ease the pain.

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