Soul: A Company with a Heart and a Soul

If you’ve ever read about Soul- the company, the people behind the brand, their ethics and how they run, I bet your respect for them has already snowballed.  But  if you haven’t,  here’s a small article for you, after reading which, I’m sure your veneration for them will shoot up, like mine did!

Soul is a company owned by a simple food-blogger and photographer, Chinmayie, whose personal experience with baby-wearing and the bliss it brings propelled her to start a company of her own, and thus, India’s largest ever baby-wearing company, Soul, was born!


What’s unique about Soul?

If you happen to follow Chinmayie on social media, you probably know that she’s someone who has been advocating for sustainable, simple, organic and local food for the longest time. When Soul happened, she made sure that her lifestyle choices match her company’s profile. Hence, if you see the packaging of Soul (which definitely deserves a different blog-post altogether), you’d notice that it’s minimal, zero-plastic, re-usable and print-free! All the materials used are eco-friendly and ethically produced.

Who are the people behind the brand?

Soul is an all-women company. The team comprises of working mothers, many of whom are single or sole breadwinners of their families. Soul encourages the power of women and believes they deserve a happy, safe and comfortable work environment.


For the love of fabrics

Soul promotes traditional weaving practices and encourages local weaving centers. All the fabrics used by Soul are sourced from small scale textile mills and weaver cooperatives. Some of these are run by the Government of India and some by non-profit organisations. The heart logo of soul now makes so much sense! <3



Safety First:

A company that loves and care for babies!

All the carriers by Soul are in sync with International quality standards! Soul is a member of  BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and compliant with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). In addition, Soul Meh Dai, Full buckle, AnoonA and Onbuhimo are tested for ASTM standards! So, the next time you carry your baby in Soul, don’t worry because your carrier is tested 🙂


If you also advocate for eco-friendly reusable and sustainable things, then keep an eye on this space because I’m soon penning down my love for Soul Packaging!

Isn’t this a company with a heart and soul?


Picture courtesy: Soul website (, blog and Facebook group: Soul Family (
Disclaimer: Although I’m a brand ambassador of Soul, my thoughts are completely unbiased and purely of my own.

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