Planet-friendliness of Soul: Review of Soul’s Packaging

Let me first admit, I’ve never been the most eco-friendly of people. Not that I used to throw litter everywhere around, but there have been days I chose convenience over the environment. However, something changed in me after I became a mom. I’ve become not just more compassionate towards other human beings but also other creatures and the whole planet at a large- which I’m really proud of! And there’s no way I’m going to to my earlier self. Everything that’s eco-friendly instantly has me sold! 🙂 

I’ve always marveled at brands who go an extra mile to ensure that their products are not only produced ethically but also packaged in a good-for-the-earth way! They definitely deserve a mention and an applaud from the rooftops (or the Internet, because that’s no less)! 

Recently when I received my full buckle from Soul, I saw the packaging and honestly, I’m in raptures about it! From its simplicity to reusability- they’ve done it all right! 

Well, I won’t just talk about it. Let me show you how it was packed and sent:

1. Outer packaging 

Simple cardboard packaging. No designs, no prints and hence no unnecessary wastage. I reused this box to keep my daughters books. This is how it looks now:

2. Inner view: When you open the box, this is what you’ll find:

A manual and a cloth bag to keep the carrier. Again, simply, classy and minimal. No fancy confettis, ribbons or anything for that matter!

3. The cloth bag is again a simple cotton bag which is sturdy and definitely reusable. 

Here’s how I’m using it right now- to keep my little ones cloth diapers. Because when you go-green, you do it correctly!

What I loved was that there’s zero plastic used in the packaging! Is there anything better than this to give back to the planet? I’m sure not! 

So that was my review of Soul’s minimal, eco-friendly yet gorgeous packaging!

In the picture below is my latest purchase from their Spice collection: Sumac Full Buckle in the standard size. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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