Our Day at Babyscastle, Mumbai

Located in the heart of Santacruz, Mumbai is India’s first and one of its kind aquatherapy centre for babies- Babyscastle-A brainchild of Dr Priyanka.

After the birth of her baby boy, Dr Priyanka felt that Indian kids are missing out on early water exposure which has humongous benefits, so she went to the States and studied about aqua therapy to bring it to our own country! 

On 14th October, we were invited to the centre to explore, experience and share our reviews. So here it is! 

1. What are the services provided?

-Aquatherapy for the baby 

-Aquaphysiotherpay for kids, special kids and expecting mothers 

-OPD for special kids 

-Play area 

-Spa and massages for mothers 

-Relaxing spa for babies 

How does aqua therapy help the baby?

There are several advantages that various researches have highlighted:

  1. Muscle development and balancing is better in such infants 
  2. Those kids who are introduced to water early on are ahead of non-water peers in oral expressions, math and reasoning skills 
  3. Improved sleep pattern and quality
  4. Massage therapy helps in weight gain in preterm infants 
  5. Better functional mobility 
  6. Massage instruction decreases paternal stress
  7. Babies who skin have better coordination and can grape the objects more easily than non-swimmers.

3. Can the baby swim?

Since babies are in the amniotic fluid, floating freely, being in water is not new to them. The younger they are, the more secure and comfortable they feel. 

What about the temperature, impurities and chemicals in the water?

The water is filtered using the best filteration method available and the temperature is maintained to slightly warm throughout- so that the baby is at ease. Moreover, the chlorine content is very low as compared to regular pools so that the skin of the baby remains safe and free of irritation.

4. Will the baby be able to hold himself?

Yes, with support. They also give the baby a floater so that he can swim independently.

5. Will the baby not be petrified?

Young babies are at rest and more comfortable. Older babies might take a couple of days to get adjusted and feel confident. Crying in the first few sessions can be anticipated.

6. At what age can we start?

As early as one month! Yes, it’s safe to try and start that early! 

7. Would you recommend?

Yes, absolutely! But not just one session. If the baby is sacred, he might not take a dip at all. Book a few sessions to get the baby comfortable and for him to be at ease and enjoy!

8. What are the charges?

Around 3000+ for one session. But if you enrol for a plan of 18 sessions you’ll pay 24,000/- and that way it’ll cost you cheaper/session. 

How to contact them?

You can either check the number on their website (www.babysscastle.com) or message them on Instagram. They’re very responsive 

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! 

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