Ring Sling Tips for Beginners

Ring Sling was our first carrier. Our first love! I got mine when my little one was just over a month old and I remember how handy it was. Stepping out with her never looked daunting. In fact, I don’t remember if I’ve ever stepped out without a carrier. 

But, looking back, I do realize that as a newbie to baby-wearing, I had my own set of fears and apprehensions. Whenever I scrolled through babywearing pictures on Facebook, a full buckle always looked way more easier to manage and carry while a ring sling appeared to be more complex and intimidating. Back then, AnoonA (a full buckle that’s fit from birth to toddler-hood) wasn’t launched and so a Ring Sling was my obvious first choice. And while we are at it- let me tell you- once you get a hang of a Ring Sling, you’ll realise it’s the easiest one to wear and remove and also the one that takes the least place in the bag. Moreover, you can play around with various finishes if you’re creative. Not only that, it’s perfect to try various carries- you can front carry, hip carry, cradle carry and back carry too! And yes, you must be probably aware that it’s one of the most pocket friendly carriers.

Before going ahead, let’s understand the parts or anatomy of a Ring Sling:

ring sling

To make your task easier, I’m sharing a few tips here- all based on my personal experience:

  1. Choose the fabric based on your location and climate in your city: If you’re located in a cold area where it snows or remains chilly often, prefer a handwoven or jacquard fabric. If the weather is moderate, prefer a cotton variant and if it’s warm and summery, prefer linen or mulmul (similar to muslin). Here’s how the fabrics look:  A. Handwoven:

    B. Jacquard

    C. Cotton


    D. Linen

  2. If possible, take help from an educator first. If not, learn from YouTube tutorials by educators and try with a doll/dummy-baby before you wear your baby.
  3. Master the skill of treading. It takes a while, but if you master it first, you’ll have a hassle free experience in babywearing.
  4. Spread the gathering inside the ring throughout such that the fabric is well distributed. This will make it easier to make adjustments or tighten the sling later.Treading
  5. Lift the baby’s buttocks and hold the baby when adjusting, such that the baby’s weight is not on the sling. Also, try to make all the adjustments before you put the baby in. Making adjustments later is  relatively difficult.
  6. Make sure to spread the fabric across your shoulder to evenly distribute the weight. Also, spread the fabric across your back to lessen the stress.  If the fabric of the sling is gathered on your shoulder or back, it’ll be uncomfortable for both you and the baby. If you sense any stress or pain, that’s an indication of incorrect wearing.
  7. Make sure the baby is snug and close to you. His forehead should be at level with your chin. Ring slings are perfect for newborns because they’re one of the carriers which keeps the baby closest to the mother.Snug
  8. Tighten the top rail to make the sling more snug and comfortable. Check for its tension to ensure better safety.
  9. Make sure that the bottom rail forms a good seat for the baby
  10. Alternatively, you can use the tail fabric to make the seat too, especially if you’re carrying a newborn. You can also use the tail to make a head support for the baby, especially if the baby is young and has a floppy head.Seat
  11. Tail of the carrier can also be used to cover the baby if you intend to feed while you’re travelling or otherwise too.

Those were some tips that I learnt in my baby-wearing journey while using a ring sling. Hope you found it helpful. If you want me to share some Full Buckle tips, please comment below. Also, if you’ve got any tips to share on this topic, I’d love to know! 🙂

Image Courtesy: Soul slings website (www.soulslings.com)

18 thoughts on “Ring Sling Tips for Beginners

  1. I have never tried babywearing. But I enjoy all babywearing post. This ring sling looks fabulous. The best part is we can decide the fabric based on our needs. Thanks for this useful post.

  2. We are using full buckle never tried ring sling I thought it is difficult to wear but after reading your tips will definitely try it..

  3. I envy these new innovative products that make life simpler 🙆 I really appreciate brands that come up with child-friendly products.

  4. Totally agree that Ring Slings are very handy and take the least amount of time to wear the baby and take them off. And I love how compact they are. But for newborns, I will recommend wraps because after having tried both – wraps and ring slings – I feel that a wrap is more snug and comfy when babies are really tiny, as compared to ring sling. Plus wraps distribute the baby’s weight over both our shoulders. Not that newborns are very heavy 😛 but after going through childbirth (and maybe surgery) anything that makes life easier is more than welcome. That said, we love our Ring Slings and Laddoo was very, very comfortable in it once she turned 6 months old. But before that, we both preffered wraps and full buckles only.

    Loved how you’ve explained how to use a Ring Sling. I’m sure new moms will find this very, very helpful.

    1. I’m rather so dubious about wraps, I feel I’ll fail miserably at it🙈 but if you’ve tried and loved it, then guess I need to build an unflinching determination and just give it a shot!

  5. Ring Sling was my first ever carrier when K was just 2 months old! I could never get to enjoy a wrap with so much work and the delhi heat made it worse. We enjoyed our ring sling until she was 14-15 m old. ITs one of the easiest babywearing carriers in my opinion and perfect for newborns!

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