Babywearing on a Budget

If you’ve ever scrolled through Facebook groups or Instagram pages of baby-wearers, I’m sure you must’ve been really tempted to try one for yourself too!

But let’s face it- Babywearing carriers are expensive. Atleast I thought so. I was even sceptical to try one, because I felt it’s quite an investment. And my apprehensions were intact until the day I read about how these carriers are made. That being said, here’s the thing- You need not necessarily spend a lot on these carriers if you’re on a budget. There are various ways in which you can enjoy babywearing without burning a hole in your pocket. I’ve discovered some and thought of sharing them with you.

Before going ahead, let me answer the most frequently asked question:

Why are ergonomic carriers expensive?

1. Most of the carriers use handwoven fabrics because their tensile strength is stupendous. These fabrics, as the term suggests, are hand-made, and hence they’re relatively expensive as compared to other fabrics.

2. The carriers are also stitched manually with utmost care thus making them strong enough to last for years together.

3. The tools used- like rings, buckles etc. are all tested for safety to match the global standards. The carriers themselves undergo various tests to ensure safety and weight carrying capacities.

4. If you look at it from the ‘use’ perspective, you’ll find that each penny spent is worth it. The carrier you get will last you for months/years, and can be used by you for your next child or for another child of a friend or a relative too. Yes, my friend, it is that durable!

I hope that cleared the air. Now moving on the next most frequently asked question- how to baby-wear on a budget?

If you know me, you know that I’m a wise spender (no, not stingy 😛, I said wise). I often research a lot and that’s how I found these ideas to babywear on a budget.

1. Get a preloved one: Each carrier is made such that it can last for decades!  So there’s no harm in getting a preloved one. There are many people who sell their almost new/mint condition carriers on Facebook groups. One such group is ‘Babywearing India’. There’s another called ‘Wrap your Baby’. You’ll find many carriers on sale there2. Wait for sale seasons: Babywearing companies often come up with massive discounts and offers. Recently, during International Babywearing Week, Soul had a flat 30% off on all their carriers.

3. Keep an eye on giveaways: Yes, they’re real! Follow brands in their Facebook and Instagram pages (I’ll link Souls Facebook and Instagram page for you at the end of this article) and participate in the contests. You never know, you might just get lucky!4. Consider a seconds product: Often companies sell the carriers with minor issues (the ones that don’t affect the functionality) or the ones used for photography at a substantially lower amount. You can grab one of those. Keep checking for posts on their social media platforms!5. Buy one and sell that later: It’s similar to buying a preloved one, except that you have to pay the full amount first. 6. Get a reasonable variant: Ring Slings are generally the cheapest options and they perform as good as any other carrier. They can be used from birth to toddlerhood which makes them a paisavasool option 😉7. Rent a carrier: If you want to try babywearing for just a couple of months, you can get in touch with your local babywearing library. They often give carriers on rent at a very reasonable price.

8. Get a carrier on EMI: Soul now offers carriers on easy monthly instalments which is a good option if you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of money at one go 🙂

So, yeah, those are some ideas (8 is a lot!😬) on how you can babywear on a budget. Hope you found this helpful. Stay hooked because I’ve some more awesome stuff coming up on this space 😊

Until then, buh-bye 👋🏻

Oh yeah, before I forget, here you go:

Facebook page of Soul:

Instagram page of Soul:

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