Painting Activity for 6-12 m old Babies

Since babies between the age of 6-12m love to bang things and love the crinkly sound of plastics- here’s the most perfect and also the most colourful activity for them! What’s more? it can become a keepsake for you too! 🤗

 I plan to frame it and use it as my wall decor ❤️

Inquisitive to know more? Keep reading! 🎨

Here’s the thing- I love artwork! It was my dream to become an artist as a kid. In fact, my grandfather was all set to put me in an art school after my high school was over, but my love for science took over and I ended up becoming a nutritionist. However, the creative side of mine got some exposure during pregnancy and I remember sitting for hours painting in my small book- it was so therapeutic ❤️

Sorry for the blabbering 🙈 Coming back to what I did today with my 8 month-old. It’s easy and fun and MESS-FREE! (I don’t take the credits for the idea, I had seen this somewhere on the World Wide Web and thought of trying 😊)

What will you need:

1. One plain thick sheet of paper

2. Some water colours

3. A paint brush (for yourself)

4. A plastic bag shaped such that the paper goes inside

5. A transparent scotch tape also known as cello tape

6. A few drops of water, if needed


1. Take the paper and place some blobs of paint on it. Use different colours to make it attractive and pretty. Sprinkle some drops of water on it if the paint is thick like mine was.

2. Place the sheet inside the plastic bag and stick the corners with a scotch tape. Make sure to stick in such a way that you can easily remove it later.

3. Give this bag to the baby and let her bang it and try to touch the colours. The more she plays, the more will the colours spread giving it a pretty abtract finish.

(After adding a few drops of water using a dropper 🤗)

4. Let it dry and voila! Your baby’s first painting is ready 🙂

Wasn’t it an easy and fun activity?

Comment here if you liked what you read and if you want me to share more such activities with you all 😃

Until the, take care and happy mothering! ❤️



5 thoughts on “Painting Activity for 6-12 m old Babies

  1. Hey Elina..its jus a wonderful way to keep baby busy (mess free) in addition having a masterpiece ready to cherish forever.
    How much i Love reading your posts and and tips . And believe me trust your insights and ways.

  2. That is such a smart way of finding an activity for them..I love to let my daughter do interesting things to but it also turns out to be double the work me to clean up the mess!! Hope to see more mess free activity ideas from you peer mom😍

  3. WOW! This is so simple and mess free!
    And lovely to frame as well ..
    I’m definitely going to do this when my son turn few months older 👍🏽

  4. Wow I’m trying this soon! And please post some more activities if you have some.. thank you Elina, your posts are God sent🤗

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