Soul Sumac- A Soul Slings Handwoven Full Buckle

Sumac, from Soul’s spice collection, is a gorgeous limited edition carrier. It is not just a regular carrier, but a wrap-conversion Full buckle, which means the body of this carrier made out of the woven wrap. 

If you know anything about weaves, you must be aware that there are two types of woven wraps- machine woven and hand woven.

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Note: that’s a close up of a wrap to show how the weaves look

Handwoven wraps are the ones that have been made on the loom manually by the weaver, while in the machine made ones, the weaves are tucked by the machine. This explains the huge price difference in the two as well. Handwoven ones take much longer and more efforts to prepare!

So, what’s so special about Sumac- the completely handwoven carrier?

  • Weave: It’s twill weave makes the carrier stretchy and sturdy.
  • Medium weight: A GSM of 222 gives this carrier sufficient airiness and breathability. 
  • Sturdiness: Having a high tensile strength, the workhorse fabric is extremely strong and can easily take the weight of older and/or heavy kids.
  • Cushiness: Since the fabric is handwoven, the cushiness and bounciness of this carrier is splendid. It also gives the carrier a good grip and the thickness of it makes a good seat for the baby.
  • Softness: It is surprisingly soft out of the box too and it’s softness increases with use and washes. 

Other details (as per the website):

Weight recommendation : 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx
Seat width : 15.5 inches

Body panel height ; 17 inches

Fibre : 100% hand-printed handwoven cotton + woven cotton panel & straps

Adjustments : 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps

Tested for : ASTM F2236

Carry positions: Front and back 

Nursing possible: Yes

This carrier is currently priced at ₹5750+GST and can be shipped worldwide. 

My verdict: If you’re looking for a stylish all-season, strong and cushy carrier, that will hold the baby well and still give the bounciness for comfort, then go for this limited edition carrier before it goes out of stock. 

Here’s the direct link of this FB:

Disclaimer: I’m a brand ambassador of Soul, but this doesn’t affect my opinion about the product. 


Elina Wadia 

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