Soul’s Linen Full Buckle: Product Review

When I was asked to choose for myself a carrier from their collection, I hopped on to the ‘Linen’ category to pick one of the most lovely colours I’d ever seen- Peppermint!

Why linen? you may ask. Well, because linen has some amazing properties which makes it one of the most sought after fabrics in the world. And that’s the reason why you’ll find that often the linen carriers on the Soul’s website go out of stock. If you have a good budget (yes, they’re relatively expensive and I’ll also share why), opt for a linen variant. It’s truly amazing.

I’m sure what I mentioned in the brackets must have paused your thoughts for a moment 😝 so let’s first talk about that.

The cost of producing linen is very expensive than other fabrics because the fibres of linen are made from flax plant which requires more care and nurturing. Also, weaving these long fibres is a more difficult process than it is for any other fabric, thus making it a little pricey.

But what makes Linen a good choice for babywearing?

  • Linen is known to be World’s strongest fibre. Infact, in most countries, paper currencies have Linen fibres added into it to increase its strength.
  • Linen fibres are very long, which makes them more strong and durable. If handled with care, they can last for decades.
  • When new, the fabric is a little crisp. But on repeated use, it becomes very supple. Thus, once the carrier is well broken into, you’ll find that linen gives the best cushiony and comfy feel.
  • It soaks in all the moisture and keeps the surface dry. This property comes really handy when it’s drizzling it snowing outside or even if the baby has peed in it. It’ll save you from the embarrassment for some time at least.  😛 (honestly, I don’t find it embarrassing, but there are people who do)
  • It has natural anti-bacterial properties. And that’s one major reason I love linen. Baby stuff gets infested easily and if there’s s carrier that can protect your baby, why not?!
  • It’s a season-sensitive fabric. It keeps the baby warm in cold climates and turns into an airy and cool carrier during summers.

Aren’t these properties amazing?! What’s more? they come in a variety of colours and  in fact, Soul has just launched their AnoonA collection in Linen which I’ll review soon! Let me just tell you, they’re ‘wow’!

More information about the standard linen FB (taken from the website):

Weight recommendation: 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx

Seat width: 15.5 inches

Body panel height: 17 inches

Fibre: 100% premium linen

Adjustments: 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps

Tested for: ASTM F2236


Standard full buckle : ₹8550/- plus taxes

Toddler full buckle: ₹9550/- plus taxes

Final verdict: If you’re looking for a season friendly, high quality and strong carrier, check the linen collection. You’ll fall in love.

My rating: 9.5/10

(Picture 2&3 are taken from the website with permission)

Disclaimer: I’m the brand ambassador of Soul, but my opinion about the product is not affected by this association at all.

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