5 Things That You Don’t Really Need Until Your Baby is a Year Old

You’ll find the Internet flooded with suggestions on what you need to buy for the baby before/when he arrives, which I definitely agree is required; but there are also a few things/services that I feel babies don’t really need. At least, mine didn’t. 

We have enough reasons to spend on our babies and every online shopping site makes sure to highlight tempting offers which somehow burn a hole in our pockets. So here I am, helping you save some money. 😉😁 You’re welcome! 🤗

So, without wasting much time, let’s quickly delve into the list.

1. Carry Cot

I know there are a few people who swear by it, but I know of a lot who found it to be a total waste- just like I did. My little one was hyperactive ever since she was little, and she never really stayed still inside the cot, except for the first few days. Even when I travelled, I preferred carrying her in a RS over a carry cot, because when she was in it, she always turned and moved so that she could come out of it. Hence for me, it was never useful.

2. Shoes

Babies have flat feet, which is why they don’t find shoes comfortable. When she was born, me and my parents found some really cute options online and purchased a few out of excitement. First, most of them didn’t fit her, when they started to, she found them uncomfortable and now that they fit, she removes them 🤦🏻‍♀️ Until kids start to walk, I’d recommend investing in socks and soft soles instead.

3. Maalish wali

Haha, now this is a hype for sure. In the eyes of the world, if you don’t have a malish wali, you’re depriving your child of her birth right 🤣 and oh yes, she won’t be able to walk or stand early if her muscles aren’t strong, which by the way, only these ‘torture females’ can do. 😐 Sorry for the harsh language, but that’s how they massage babies.

 I don’t deny the importance of gentle massaging but massage time has to be bonding time with the mother. It should be a happy and engaging activity, which definitely isn’t if your maalishwali does it.

After the first 40 days, I took up the responsibility to massage her and both of us enjoyed it. I felt more connected to her and so did she. And oh, she surpassed the physical milestones way ahead than what’s considered ideal! 😀

4. Toys

Kids need stimulation, engagement and emotional connection. Books, natural exploration and simply interacting with them does the job. I’ve spent on books and books only. The only toy I’ve purchased so far are the stacking rings. That’s all. All the other rattles and squeaky toys that she has have been gifted by friends and relatives. So here’s my suggestion, don’t limit their exposure by letting them play with toys only. Read out to them and take them out to explore whenever possible. They need that more than these colourful thingys. Moreover, I’ve seen kids are more fascinated by regular home items than toys 😅

5. Mittens

Though they don’t appear to be expensive, I’ve seen parents go overboard and buy several pairs even before the arrival of the baby. But here’s the thing- Children need to feel themselves, so allow them to touch their faces and yours too. Just make sure to trim their nails well so that they don’t scratch their skin and get hurt, but don’t confine their sensory experience by making them wear mittens. 

Did you also find these items not-so-useful like me? Was there anything else that you thought was overrated and you didn’t use much? Leave a comment below and share with us 😊

Take care and have a happy week ahead!



14 thoughts on “5 Things That You Don’t Really Need Until Your Baby is a Year Old

  1. I truly agree Elina!!
    It really waste of money !! We initially get so attract towards the things ,we end up buying !!
    After when it’s not of any use, then we realise the value for money …
    I bought stroller for my BabyA, she hardly sat 3,4 times I remember, she doesn’t like to be in it ,reason I don’t know why ?
    I was so crazy for buying that stroller,it’s just kept in my loft, not of any use… whenever I see it , I realise I made mistake buying it !!
    I just joined instafam, I really this blog will really be helpful for them !!

    1. I can resonate with you completely. That carry cot you see there, was the one purchased by us. Everytime I looked at it, it reminded me of my mistake. I only found peace after selling it off 🙈

  2. I have already done a big mistake by buying all these for my baby as at that point of time I felt it to be a necessity …Will be careful in future .

  3. Mittens really are useless! I can’t tell you the number of useless pairs I have now 🙄
    Carrycot as of now is very useful though..
    And I completely agree with the exaggerated version of maalish wali – I think I have the best time with my little boy during his massage and bath time.

  4. Hey nice post. I was so tempted to buy a stroller for her, i qm glad i didn’t. I borrowed and my girl did not sit in that. And it’s too bulky to be carried for walks. And agree upon mittens,cots,shoes.
    I got socks instead. And toys i am so tempted, but thy are so expensive.,and few which she has she put all to.mouth. Till now dont even see how much i try ,how to stack,put shapes etc.

  5. That’s an interesting list Elina. For me carry cot was a very useful thing, since it was also our car seat . Thankfully we invested in a 2in1 car seat. And we travelled quite a lot in the first few months. About mittens even they were useful to me..in the initial months. The new mother in me constantly forgot about trimming her nails, – so yes mittens were handy. Also it was cold in north India so warm mittens were used. Rest all things you enlisted are bang on!

  6. Hi Elina, I can swear by this list. Though I didn’t buy many pairs of mittens and even the baby didn’t keep it for long so I discontinued wearing them within a month.
    In my case, the pram is lying in some corner. I also had a borrowed jhula for my little one to sleep but she didn’t budge and loves to co sleep. So not planning to buy a crib any soon.
    Yes, the most important thing, books, though many people have criticised me for buying it so early but then I know what’s best for my baby and I’ll continue doing so☺️☺️
    Even our maaalishwali had to wind up in 2 months post that I enjoy bathing my baby everyday🤗
    Thank you Elina. You’re a sweetheart 😘

  7. I can’t agree more Elina 🙂 So many toys still my baby wants remote, my hair or the plastic bags and tags to play !! Oh, and we are using the carry cot for the doll now 😂

  8. I agree with you Elina absolutely. The ones what you have listed are sheer waste. I wonder how do some babies sit in the carry cot. My DD sat in it just twice or thrice. Once we place her, hardly for few minutes she used to sit and tried ways to get out of it. It’s not for super active babies.

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