Top Babywearing Myths Busted!- Part 1

“People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer.”

-Andrew Smith

Often people look at me with delight when they see me wear my little one, but occasionally I also have strangers give me disapproval looks. I even had some people come up to me and tell me that I should rather carry her in my arms than in a carrier. All of this  makes me feel that there are so many myths associated with babywearing and our country is probably not ready for it yet. In fact, mothers are still judged for everything they do and myths, especially related to babywearing remain to haunt the minds of people.

So, I thought, why shouldn’t I use this little cyber space that I created to bust some common babywearing myths prevalent? and may be, through this attempt, try to make the lives of parents a little easier. 

Here’s are the most common questions/objections people have asked/raised:

1. Can’t you carry your own baby? Why do you need a carrier?

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I carried my baby in my belly for 9 months and couldn’t sleep for nights together due to the pressure in my uterus. If I could do that, I can definitely do this too. My love for my baby isn’t proved by the kgs I carry. Carrying him/her not only makes it easier for me to stay hands free but it also gives me the liberty to do more things. And most importantly, it also ensures that he/she is safe and close to me all the time.

2. Carrying your baby will make her timid and clingy.

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Babywearing plays the biggest role in attachment parenting method, which is a parenting strategy that aims to encourage the attachment of mother and infant not only by empathy and responsiveness but also by continuous bodily closeness and touch. According to recent researches, children raised with this method are emotionally stronger and confident as compared to those who were let free early on. So, no, my baby won’t turn out to be timid or clingy, rather she’d be more self assured, poised and confident.

3. Your baby must be overheated in the carrier 

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Perhaps, if the carrier is not apt for the season, she may feel slightly heated. But if the fabric used it chosen wisely (I’ll write on that too), she won’t. It’s just another layer that’ll keep her warm. And on any given day, I’d prefer letting her feel a little hot over allowing her to walk or crawl on the floor and get herself injured.

4. It’ll harm your baby’s hips

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During this stage, that is, when they’re less than a year old, their joints are still developing, and so it’s important for us to be careful with the choices we make for them. This is the reason why ergonomic carriers are suggested. Usually the seating in non-ergonomic carriers is such that the  hip bones are under stress. But the ergonomic ones form the natural ‘M’ position with knees at belly button height, which is just perfect for their correct structure development. 

5. Carriers can be risky because they’re not strong enough

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page and @jarsoffluff 

Just like any high quality product that would not hit the market without getting all the clearances, carrier too have international safety standards and regulations to be met. 

Soul, for instance, is a member of BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and compliant with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). In addition, Soul Meh Dai, Full buckle, AnoonA and Onbuhimo are tested for ASTM standards too. 

Hope I was able to bust some common myths through this article. I’ll be writing part 2 of this series because there’re many more myths associated with babywearing.

Until then, 

Take care and happy parenting!

11 thoughts on “Top Babywearing Myths Busted!- Part 1

  1. These are such mind blowing answers to people who carry such myths or give us a stare when we use those carriers in public places..I feel a beautiful bond is developed with these carrier and the baby too feels safe and secure

  2. I’ve definitely heard all of these during my babywearing journey. I’m so happy to see someone busting these myths.

  3. These are all great points to promote the baby wearing. I too have heard the regular complaints from nay sayers about not enough hip support for baby and baby becoming too clingy. This is a great one to share.

  4. People most of the times do not have proper information and make opinions . Good you have shared the correct information and help bust the myths about baby wearing. When I see so many parents using baby carriers , I feel I did miss out on a comfortable option of holding my baby as I didn’t use them.

  5. Well, I chose to wear my baby because it was very convenient on me while traveling and my baby too felt safe and cozy in new surroundings around him. I often wonder why people have such inhibitions against something that makes life easy and good.

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