Wearing A Sick Baby- Do’s and Dont’s 

‘It’s flu season again’, read the news headline yesterday. I tried to read again, this time, I could sense chills running down my spine. Every corner of the city has children down with cold, cough and fever.  Like any other mom, I got petrified and started to arm myself against the viral. According to statistics, a child gets cold at least 8 times a year, which meant, I shouldn’t be so worried. But when you’re a mother, your concern is at a different level altogether! 😅

Right from feeding my little one well to making sure that she doesn’t touch anything unhygienic, I checked on everything. And just when I was about to step out with her in the evening, I wondered if wearing babies during sickness was the right thing to do. Then started my research, which went on for hours and I finally found the answers to all my queries. Although she’s well right now, but I believe, it’s always better to be read and prepared for all the circumstances.

I’m jotting some pointers from my research  for all the other moms out there who may have the same concerns like I did. 


  • ‘Can the baby we worn during sickness?’ This was the biggest question I had! The answer is: Wear your baby! It will not only prevent your little one from falling sick, but also keep him comfy if he’s under the weather! Tiny babies to older toddlers, all liked to be snuggled up when they’re unwell. Wearing them makes them feel at ease and calms them down. So don’t worry, go ahead with babywearing.

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  • Pick a carrier that you feel keeps you the closest to your baby. A wrap or a ring sling can be the best bet in such a scenario. But if you have something else, not a problem. If the baby is close and snug, you’re good to go. 
  • Keep checking the temperature of your baby when you wear him. There’s a concept called ‘thermal synchrony’ which means that when the mother wears her baby, her body temperature synchronises with that of the baby and enables her to monitor the well being of the little one.

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings

  • Wash the carrier very well once used and the sickness-episode is over. Which also means that you have select a carrier which can be washed easily. Using a full buckle may not be the right choice since washing it is a slightly tedious when compared to a wrap or RS.


  • Don’t use an uncomfortable carrier. There’s a high possibility that your baby might sleep for hours. The last thing you want is backache or discomfort throughout the span. 

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings, @jarsoffluff and @sumi.sweet

  • Don’t leave your carrier unwashed. You don’t want the virus to infect your baby again.
  • Don’t lie down while you’re wearing your baby. Because, if you happen to doze off, you’ll end up with a pain attack in your back. 
  • Don’t force wear the baby. If he’s resisting, understand the cue and let him feel comfortable the way he likes.

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings

Take care and make sure your child eats healthy nutritious food this season. Keep your surroundings clean and provide your baby with boiled/filtered water. 

If you don’t have a carrier yet, check the website of Soul to find some affordable, super sturdy and beautiful options. 

Until next time!

Take care.



P.S. I’m a brand ambassador of Soul but my opinions are unbiased and not affected by this association at all. 

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