Make vaccinations a breeze with these tips!

Today, I won’t be sharing tips like I usually do, rather I’ll take you along with me and share my day with you all!

20th November ‘17

Boo woke up early today. She generally sleeps until 9am, but today she was up at 7:45am. She saw us brushing and pulled my toothbrush to put it in her mouth. I handed her a small brush and quickly prepared her breakfast. These days, she doesn’t have her breakfast (which is the only time she’s fussy), but today I ensured she ate well. 

Tip 1: Feed the Baby well before vaccinations. There’s a possibility that she might get cranky or get fever and not eat anything later.

I then bathed her and got her dressed. It was her 9th month birthday so I tried to click her monthly picture too, but she was too sleepy to co-operate. She kept rolling on the bed and finally slept in one cozy corner. I moved her to her crib and then packed my diaper bag.

Tip 2: If the baby has slept well, her chances of getting irritated post vaccinations reduce significantly. 

I had taken my appointment way early in the morning and had planned my day well in advance, which is why I was relaxed and at peace. 

Tip 3: Make sure you’re well prepared. Avoid getting anxious or nervous. Children pick the anxiety from their parents very quickly.

Dress your baby well. Although it’s preferable to keep the thigh area exposed so that it doesn’t hurt them after being injected, but since it’s winter, I preferred dressing her in a top and leggings and also a pair of cozy shoes.

I wore her in my full buckle and we left for the hospital. Since she had slept well, she was quite observant and cheerful throughout the way. And because I was wearing her and she was close to me, she stayed very calm and happy.

Tip 4: Wear your baby on the vaccination day without fail. It’ll keep her calm and at rest before you reach the hospital.

On reaching the hospital, I straight went to the pharmacy to purchase the vaccines. 

Tip 5: Take the prescription of the vaccines during the previous visit so that you don’t have to spend time in first getting the prescription, then buying the vaccines and going to the doctor again. The lesser time you spend before the vaccination, the lesser exhausted will the baby be during the vaccination.

Stay calm while your child is injected. Talk to her and keep her occupied with toys, if that works. Once the vaccine is given, pick her up and sway her for sometime. Let her get skin-to-skin so that she’s comforted.

The best way to calm a crying baby is to breastfeed her. Most good hospitals/clinics have a room/space for nursing. Take the baby there and feed her immediately. She will calm down in no time!

Tip 6: Nurse the baby post vaccination

Image: Feeding room of the hospital we went to.

Although most babies are strong, but there are a few vaccinations that hurt the baby and make them upset, thus making it a nightmare for the parents. Babywearing makes vaccinations a smooth sail. It keeps the baby close to the mother and hence at comfort. The attached hood in FB also comes handy in protecting your little one from the sun and pollution.

Often, we want to treat the baby for being strong and brave, but don’t let the treat be junk food- because that’s how we unconsciously teach them that junk is good and healthy foods aren’t.

On our way back, we purchased a bunch of grapes on our way back home as a present for her 🙂

And then we reached home and she was back to her restless-hyperactive self 😉😅

I know this is no rocket science, but these are some tips that have helped us, and I hope they help fellow new moms out there 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead! 



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