Tummy-Time Alternatives for Babies Who Hate It

Tummy time is extremely crucial for young babies. In fact, researchers have found that babies who do not get adequate tummy time display delayed achievement of development milestones.

It helps in:

  • Strengthening babies arms, neck, back and trunk muscles.
  • Preventing flathead syndrome, which is basically development of flat spots due to constant lying on the back.
  • Visual development, since they explore the world from a different angle
  • Preventing torticollis, which is a condition where the neck muscles get rigid and don’t allow the head to move at all.
  • Setting the right position for crawling. Once they master tummy time, most kids learn to army crawl better.

But what if your baby hates it?

I vividly remember, my little one used to cry her lungs out as soon as I kept her on her tummy. And I’m sure, she’s not the only one. Many babies don’t like tummy time, and it’s justified. Imagine if we are kept in an uncomfortable position we and we are too helpless to even move ourselves or turn our head, how would we feel?

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Having that said, we also need to understand that there’s no escape from this important activity. Regardless of their liking, it has to be practised several times a day till their torso develops. 

If your baby is like mine and hates tummy time, here are 5 alternate ways, which if practiced, will help you get the desired results:

1. Shin Placement

Lie on your back and raise your legs such that your shin is parallel to the floor. Keep your baby on your shin and make sure his face is visible to you. Most babies cry during tummy time because not much is visible to them in that position which scares them. This method makes them feel safe because they can see you. 

2. Chest-to-Chest

Make your baby lie on your chest as you rest on your back. Raise and support his shoulder such that he can see your face. Talk to him and keep him entertained throughout. One reason of crying during tummy time is boredom. If they’re talked to, their anxiety and monotony reduces.

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3. Anti-gravity Breastfeeding 

This is the safest option of all. Since babies find comfort in breastfeeding, they’re less likely to cry in this position. Make your baby lay on your chest and let him feed while he while he gets his tummy-time. 

4. Lap Time

If your baby is uncomfortable on the floor, due to its hardness, then this position might help. Take him on your lap and lay him in stomach-down position. Keep some toys or books near you such that he can look at them from your lap. Keep caressing him as that’s a sign of reassurance and security for him.

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5. Babywearing to the Rescue 

This might probably come as a surprise but wearing your baby equates with tummy time. It keeps the baby in an upright position and the same set of muscles are involved in it, as they’re for tummy time. Although babywearing can’t replace it completely, but it can be used occasionally as an alternative. In fact, it has been observed that babies who were worn have stronger core muscles because they’re in upright position for longer durations, which makes their torso, neck and back stronger.

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I hope you found this article helpful!

Does/did your baby also hate tummy time? How do/did you deal with it? We’d love to know! Comment below to share your experience with me and fellow readers 🙂

Thanks and have a great day!


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