Why Should You Baby-wear Too?- Part 1

Long before I was bitten by the babywearing bug, I always thought it was one of those no-so-essential-yet-raved-about things, perhaps meant for hippies of the haute monde. But when I delivered my little baby and tried a carrier for the first time, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

To be honest, in the beginning, when she was tiny, I could easily carry her in my arms and that was a lovely feeling, but being the fragile little human that she was, I always lived in fear and doubt about her safety. It was then that I realised that babywearing isn’t a mere hype! There’s a lot of rationale and purpose behind this concept. This realisation was just the thrust I needed. Like every other new mom out there, I managed to take out time and dig into the World Wide Web to gain some knowledge about the same. Moreover, I wanted to be satisfied that my baby gets the best. I’m sure there are many like me in the new moms world, and hence I am here to share a few benefits with you all 🙂 

There are several benefits of BW but to target the main ones, let us see them in two types – Health Benefits and Practical Benefits. In this article, I’ll talk about the health benefits only, so that it’s short and precise. Keep an eye here to read my next article on practical benefits.

Health benefits:

1. BW helps in development of spinal cord. Babies are born with C- shaped spine and develop into S-shaped (like adults) in 12 to 18 months. It is very important that their flexible c-shaped spinal cord at the back gets proper support that keeps them stiff all the time, in order to help them develop. BW gives that required support to the back ! 

Image Courtesy : Souls official website

2. BW is a form of tummy time ! Yes, you got me right. Tummy time can be vertical too 🙂 This aids the baby’s colic issue.

3.BW helps in regulating baby temperature.You must be wondering how? The skin to skin contact with the wearer helps regulating their temperature.

4. BW helps in physical and mental development of the child. Babies learn to balance faster, can see all aroun them (sides) etc. Constantly carrying the baby makes them happy and reduces stress harmones and therefore they are much happier and actively involved.

Image Courtesy : Souls official Facebook page

5. 30-40 minutes of upright position to your babies who have reflux is a way to help them suffer less. A good carrier makes sure that your baby is held in an upright position, hence reducing the reflux affect.

Image courtesy: Soul’s Facebook Page

I hope you were left jaw-dropped by these points, because that’s exactly how my reaction was when I read too. 

If you’re not babywearing yet, go and get one carrier now. Trust me, you won’t regret! 

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Elina and Mumtaz 

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