5 Ways in Which Ring Slings Beat Full Buckles!

If you know me, you can tell I’m a Full Bucke person 😁 But there are days when I reach out to my Ring Sling only. Today is one of those days. In fact, right now, my little one is sleeping in our RS comfortably while I’m typing this. Perfect timing to jot down this article, no? 😉

Believe me, this blog post wasn’t a planned one. It’s one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions which happened because my day today was maddening. My 9-month old is going through a crazy separation anxiety phase and wasn’t leaving me even for a micro-second to breathe. I didn’t know what to do, so I pulled this Ring Sling out of the closet and walked around the house wearing her. She instantly calmed down, played, giggled, clapped and eventually slept 🙂 I couldn’t be happier! So, now as she sleeps on my chest, I thought of grabbing my phone to share some awesome ways in which an RS beats a Full Buckle!

1. A Ring Sling effortlessly converts into a nursing cape

As much as I support the ‘normalise breastfeeding’ campaign, I’m too shy a person to nurse in public without hesitation. In fact, I can’t even nurse in a Full Buckle because it gets me all conscious. So when I’m in public and I don’t have my cape, I generally use my RS as a nursing cape and feed worry-free 🙂 I love how perfectly long and thick it is for the job!
2. It can function as a snuggly and soft blanky

I know this is an abstract expression but baby carriers do have sleepy dust in them, especially after repeated use. If my little one is too fussy, I bring out my RS, cover the rings with a sock and use it as a blanky for her. It really helps in putting her to sleep quickly! Obviously a Full Buckle can’t do this! 😉

3. It’s Reversible and a ‘Paisa Vasool’ option 

Ring slings are generally reversible, which means you’ll get to wear two colourways at the price of one 😉 (ofcourse if there are two colours on both the sides, most jacquard RS’s have)

Moreover, Soul has a double layered collection which has two absolutely distinct colours on both sides. How awesome is that?!

4. You Can Hip Carry too

A full buckle can be used only to front carry and back carry, but a ring sling can be used for hip carries as well. Today, since my little one was too clingy, I hip carried her so that she gets maximum skin-to-skin and also the right position to rest her head on my chest! Worked like magic!

5. It’s Fit from Birth 

Full buckles can’t be used for infants (although the ingeniously designed AnoonA can) but a Ring Sling is fit for newborns too.  My first carrier was an RS and at that point, my daughter weighed 2.3kgs only!

Ideally, you have to wait until the baby is 6-7kgs to start using a Full Buckle but a RS can be used right from Day 1 🙂 

Featured here is Lavender Corallium Ring Sling from Soul.

P.S. I’m still a Full Buckle person 😉 

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article! Have a fantastic day ahead 💐



3 thoughts on “5 Ways in Which Ring Slings Beat Full Buckles!

  1. I too love ring slings. I prefer ring slings to fbs as its easy for both of us. As we are 18 months old she prefers to enjoy the climate and environment and have a look at me at the same time 😉

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