5 Quick Indoor Exercises for Busy Moms: Beginner Level 

As much there is a burning desire to lose weight and look fit again, the truth is- getting back in shape post pregnancy is a real challenge! Especially if you’re put up in a nuclear family and if you’re single handedly managing it all, finding the time to go to the gym is close to impossible!

If you’re facing the same challenge, I’ve a solution for you!

Sharing with you all 5 easy indoor exercises that won’t take much time and will help you tone up your body and lose some fat too. Try performing these regularly for at least a month to see a visible difference in yourself. Good luck!

Here we go!

1. Push Ups

Image courtesy: Popsugar Fitness

Method: Lie on your tummy and lift it from the ground while firmly supporting your body on your palms and toes.

Reps recommended: 10-15

2. Chair Dips

Image source: Rodale Wellness

Method: Sit on a chair holding the edges with both your hands. Slowly slide down with your arms behind you still holding the chair. Keep yourself in the position as long you can abd get back up. 

Reps recommended: 20

3. Mountain Climbers

Image source: Popsugar Fitness

Method: Get in a plank position and rest your arms on the floor. Lift your left leg and try to bring your knee to your right chest. Perform the same vice versa.

Reps recommended: 10-15

4. Step Ups

Image source: Popsugar Fitness

Method: You’ll need a stool/some wooden blocks/chunky books or basically anything that will stay still and provide you with the required height. All you have to do is- step up with one foot and bring the second one beside it. Stay for a few seconds and step down in the same manner.

Reps recommended: 30

5. Lateral Hops

Image source: Popsugar Fitness

Method: It’s a simple side to side hop wherein basically you have to make small lateral jumps. Easy and effective.

Reps recommended: 30

If you’re a bavywearer, there some awesome exercises that will help you OTB significantly more. Stay tuned because ok sharing those too!

Thanks for stopping by! Try religiously performing these and let me know if you could see a difference in yourself 🙂

Have a great day ahead.



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