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Parenting brings along many drastic changes but one of the major paradigm reorientations of motherhood is having insufficiency of alone-time for ourselves. This is one issue I’m yet to get fully adapted to. Moreover, my little one is going trough a terrible separation anxiety phase, which leaving me no time to even breathe properly, let alone work out. 

But here’s the thing I’ve learnt in my journey- rather than looking at our babies as obstacles, why not include them and wear them during workouts? This will not only make our workout more effective but will also increase our bonding time with our child/children!

Image courtesy: Sharon Moss

Benefits of BabyWearing during Workouts

  • Since you’re carrying additional weight, the effectiveness of your workout increases and so does the rate of calorie burning. 
  • Provides bonding time with your little one, especially if he’s going through a clingy phase.
  • Gives you relatively more time to workout: If your baby isn’t worn, there’s a possibility that he’ll disturb you or might stop you from exercising. Wearing him prevents that.

Here are a few great exercises that you can practice while babywearing which will improve your upper body strength and tone your muscles:

1. Forward Lunges

Method: Keep your upper body straight and relaxed. Step forward with one leg until both your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.

Benefits: Helps in toning glutes in your hips and hamstrings in your thighs. Also strengthens the calf and abdominal muscles.

Reps recommended: 15-20

2. Lateral Leg Lifts

Method: Hold your left foot above the ground and lift it as high as you can. Try to lift it close to 45 degrees from the floor. Once done, do the same with your right leg.

Benefits: Defines the core muscles and works on abdominal fat.

Reps recommended: 20-25

3. Squats

Method: Stand with your head facing forward and your feet shoulder width apart. Hold your hands near your chest to help you keep your balance. Sit down as if you’re sitting on to an imaginary chair. Hold yourself in that position such that you’re thighs are parallel to the ground. Wait until you can abd once done, bring yourself back to starting position

Benefits: Squats help in building leg muscles and also strengthens both upper and lower body. It is known to burn substantial calories in less time.

Reps recommended: 10-15

4. Brisk Walking or Hiking

Image courtesy: Courtney Caranguian

Benefits: Walking/Hiking lowers your risk of heart diseases, reduces blood pressure and stabilises blood sugar levels by regulating insulin activities. It also burns calories and helps in losing weight.

5. Yoga

Star pose (Arda Chandarasana), side angled pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) and corpse pose (savasana) are the three best Asanas for beginners. All the three can be performed by babywearers easily. 

These were a few quick workout ideas for BabyWearing beginners. Thank you for stopping by and reading! Try to practise these on a regular basis and share with us the difference you notice in yourself!

Before signing off, I’d like to thank Bongi Hill for helping me by sharing these stunning workout photos! This blog post wouldn’t have been possible without you, Bongi.

She’s an amazing human and a pro at BabyWearing. Follow her to see outstanding BabyWearing techniques/tutorials on all social media platforms. I’m sure you’ll come back and thank me later! You’ll find her here: Instagram , Facebook and Blog 

Have a great day!



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