Reasons Why Some Infants Resist BabyWearing 

I vividly remember how exhalirated I was by the fact that I’d be soon BabyWearing when I purchased my first ring sling. My eyes were glued to the door after placing the order. If you’ve ever purchased one, you can probably relate to this feeling 😉 I almost jumped like a child on its arrival! 

But after all that research, hours of browsing, contemplation, finally placing the order and then waiting, when it arrived and I first tried wearing her, something happened which I didn’t expect. My little one not only resisted, but cried her lungs out whenever I wore her! Can you imagine my disappointment? I was broke. I felt it was a wrong decision all the money I invested was a waste.

I then contacted a friend who told me that resisting at first is very normal. Most babies do that. She suggested a few tricks which worked for us. I too tried to read a little on this issue and found a couple of more tricks. Gradually both me and my daughter got comfortable with the carrier 🙂 
Many new moms leave the thought of using a carrier/sling when they see babies resisting and crying. I would have been one of them too but thankfully we didn’t stop! Today, after 9 months of successful BabyWearing, my little one jumps with joy on seeing a carrier 😍

But the question remains: Why do babies resist BW at all? Or is it something merely in our head? 

I’ve jotted down some reasons and also solutions that I think would help you tackle the issue:

1. When the mother is new and uncertain, babies sense it and are uncomfortable too. They quickly take on the stress of their mother and get cranky. 

Solution: Try out at home with a doll to be comfortable.


2. Babies resist when it takes too long to wrap, tie or bucke the carrier or if the  the process is too fiddly. This may possibly happen when the mother is learning or is new to the concept.

Solution: Practice with a doll till you can manage wrapping/buckling it smoothly and quickly.


3. When the type of carrier chosen is wrong, babies get uncomfortable and resist. 

Solution: Be sure which type suits your baby as per the age and weight of the baby. Alternatively, you can go to a sling library and try all the variants to see what works for you.

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page
4. Material of the carrier matters a lot too and this depends on the climate of the place you live. Wrong fit, size and design will make the experience less than ideal.

Solution: Read a little about the fabrics used. Make a smart choice based on the climate of your city of residence.


5. When your baby is hungry and tired, they may resist being worn. 

Solution: Be sure that you feed them well and they are relaxed before popping in the carrier.


Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page

6. Babies hate being disturbed or carried when they’re pooping. That can make them cranky and irritable too.

Solution: Let them do their business, change their nappy and then wear them. They need to be fresh before you wrap them tight. 

7. Don’t try your your carrier for the first time when the baby is cranky or unwell. This is one of the major reason they resist. If they get cranky, don’t force them, you can try later. 

Solution: Let them be in a good mood, they will surely co-operate better.

8. Many babies hate being worn when the wrap or carrier is too loose, or not adjusted comfortably enough by a new mom

Solution: Let a friend tweak in and help you adjust with the strap up / down.

9. There are babies who don’t like the process of getting into a carrier. But the moment they are in, they feel nice.

Solution: Relax and start walking once you tie the knot. This will soon settle your baby too .
Image courtesy: 45hl3igh’s Instagram photo that got featured on Soul’s Instagram page

Baby Wearing is sure no rocket science. It’s just that the initial phase can be a little challenging for a new mom. A little change to see what suits your baby, will surely help you get through the initial phase and then there is this long lovely journey of carrying your soul attached to you, where ever you go!

Give it a try, moms. Happy Baby wearing 😉



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