Unique Gift Ideas for Babies 

I don’t know about other people, but picking the right gift for a newborn is an arduous task for me, because I just can’t gift a box of mini-sized baby care products (you know what I’m talking about) or random regular clothes- which, by the way, we got many and never used 🤦🏻‍♀️

In my opinion, unique and useful gifts are loved more and they also leave an imprint on the heart of the parents! Their baby is special to them, and a special baby deserves a special present 🙂

Here are some ideas I could think of:

1. Personalised Gifts:

If the baby has been named already, you can surprise the family with a personalised bedding set! Afterall, which mom wouldn’t like that for her freshly named baby? 😉

Brands like HomeSake Love, BabyJalebi, MrsMoses do a great job at personalising bedding sets, diaper bags, play mats and much more. You can click on their names above to reach their Instagram page.

2. Milestone Cards:

If the new mom is an avid photographer or a memory keeper, there’s nothing better than gifting her a pack of milestone cards for photo shoots! I bet she’ll thank you everytime her child does something new 😉 

You can check Instagram pages of Baby Babbles and Pop Goes The Art for some splendid collection!

3. Advanced Cloth Diapers:  

If the new mom is a sucker for all things cute, or perhaps is all about eco-friendliness, giving her a set of cloth diapers is a great idea. You can also make a diaper cake to make it look even more cute!  

Picture Credits: Vani Jose

Advanced cloth diapers are economic and safe for the baby’s skin. They  keep the baby away from diaper rashes thus keeping the baby happy and even the parent. Moreover, they’re way more economic as they can be washed and reused.

Although there are many brands but the one I love and swear by is Superbottoms.

4. Grooming or Feeding Kit 

Which parents won’t like one area of baby care or feeding sorted with a kit of all the essentials?

 Mothercare and Chicco have some great options of grooming kits while Avanchy and Chicco again have some great feeding sets.

5. Subscription boxes

The fad of subscription boxes is increasing tremendously. If you’ve got a friend who goes bonkers over those, you can gift the baby with a subscription box of clothes, books or toys!

Aztuckerbox, Little Reading Club, My Khilona etc. are some great options in each of the above mentioned categories.

6. Soft Soles

Soft Soles are a hybrid of socks and shoes- which means basically they’re as cozy as socks but thicker and as functional as shoes but not as hard, sturdy or tough like them. 

This property of theirs makes them a perfect gift for small babies.

I love the ones made by Soul. The quality of the inner sole is absolutely stupendous!

7) Castings and Impressions

Castings are a way to make the impressions of childhood last forever! It’s a gift that the baby will love you for when he grows up!

You can check the pages of Anahata Creations, The Love Story India, All Things Clay etc. for some stunning creations.

These are the ideas I could think of! Share what you found to be unique and useful when your baby was born! I’d love to hear from you too! 🙂

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