Tips to Make Your Cloth Diapers Last Longer

Cloth Diapering is a sustainable and economic option only if the diapers are taken good care of. Since they go on the bum and in the machine very frequently, they’re quite likely to develop molds, pilling or reduce the life of the fabrics used.

To prevent these consequences, it’s important to follow certain rules/tips that ensure they remain well maintained. If you’re a cloth diapering mama, these tips will definitely help you make your diapers last longer and stay fresher. 

Tip 1: Under The Water 🚿 

Even if you’re unable to wash the diapers immediately, make sure you put them under running water so that the stain/smell of the pee is washed right away. 

Tip 2: The Storage Story 🤨

Store the soiled diapers in a breathable pail (those with holes) separately until they’re washed. Also, after drying store them in a cloth bag or a different shelf altogether such that they don’t get twisted.

Tip 3: Don’t Spin Me Everyday 😫

Washing them regularly in the machine reduces their life span. Opt for gentle handwashing once in a fortnight at least. 

Tip 4: I Need Some Vitamin D Too 😉

Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant. Try to sun-dry them often. It’ll not only kill the microorganisms but also make the diapers whiter.

Tip 5: Don’t Soften Me, Please! 🤭

Avoid using rash creams and fabric softeners. They stick on to the soakers and clog the pores, which may result in early leaking of pee from the diapers. 

These were some of the tips I tried which helped me in keeping our Superbottoms in a super condition! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

 Happy cloth diapering to you 🙂



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