7 Things to Do Before Baby Turns One

First year is the most exhausting yet the most eventful year of your and your baby’s life! It’s very very different from what you must’ve expected, but it’s one of the most beautiful phases of this journey. While you might want the baby to become independant so that you’re able to visit the washroom in peace, but once the she starts to do things by herself, you’ll miss these precious moments. 

Hence I thought of sharing some activities/things  that every parent must try before the baby turns one:

1. Take More Videos!

Although taking monthly milestone pictures and other cute costume captures are priceless, but make sure to take videos periodically. Everytime I check my album, it is the video that I love watching more than pictures. It’s so fascinating to see the difference!

​2. Make Your Baby Swim

The earlier you put your baby in water, the more confident she will become. Babies find comfort being and floating in water, which is why they get adapted to it easily and learn swimming faster.

3. Don’t Throw Away Those Cute Tiny Clothes

Especially the onesies that have memories attached to them- first outfit, name ceremony outfit, half birthday outfit etc. Save these and you can later convert them into memory keepsakes like a ball or a quilt. 

4. Invest in Books

Make your child a listener. The earlier you read out to them, the more will you broaden their imaginative thinking and vocabulary. 

5. Snuggle Them As Much You Can/ Babywear 

Once your little one starts to become independent and discover the joy of running around, she won’t come as much to snuggle up with you. Invest in a carrier and wear your baby to get those precious cuddles more often.

6. Create an Email ID and Write Letters to Them

I had created one for my baby when I was pregnant. I used to write emails to her and tell her about all the exciting things I experienced while carrying her. I continued to write and share special moments with her even after she was born and I plan to continue doing it until she turns one. I think all moms should try this! Imagine how special would the baby feel on receiving these letters from you.

7. Go for a Quick Mom-Baby Outing

Going with the baby for shopping or to a park alone might appear to be an intimidating idea, but once you leave your fear behind and just step out, you’ll enjoy it! Take the risk, pick your baby and get going. You won’t regret it later! Promise! 

In my opinion, these are a few things that every mom should try before her baby turns one!

What do you think? Please leave your ideas too! 🙂

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