BabyWearing for Beginners: Basics

What is BabyWearing?
BabyWearing basically means carrying/wearing your baby in a sling or any cloth carrier. It’s a practice that has been prevalent for centuries now!

BabyWearing liberates the mother and makes the child feel secure and comfortable too. It’s not just this, but there are many other advantages of BabyWearing. If you wish to know more, you can check my articles here.

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There are many pocket friendly carriers available in the market, and there are some which are relatively expensive too. What’s the difference between the two and how do I decide which one to purchase?

Whenever you buy a carrier, look for two things:

1. Safety Testing:

Purchase a carrier from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that it meets all current US safety, testing, and labeling standards. Most of the ones available in the local shops and markets are not tested for safety and are hence inexpensive.

2. Ergonomics 

We don’t just want the baby to be snuggled up with us but we also want them to be in the right position such that his hips, spine and pelvis are supported correctly. Using a non-ergonomic carrier puts the baby’s weight on his crotch this making it difficult for them to stay seated. It also affects their joints thus causing hip dislocation. 

Hence, make sure to buy an ergonomic carrier which makes a natural ‘C’ curve with their back and a deep ‘M’ with their legs.

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What are the things I’ve to be careful about while practising BabyWearing?

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How can I ensure my child’s safety? Are there any cautionary steps that I should take?

  1. Until 4 months of age, baby’s airway is not completely mature. While practising BabyWearing, make sure her airway is clear and open
  2. Try with a demo doll before you carry your baby if you’re a first timer. Alternatively, you can visit a local sling library to get trained.
  3. Keep checking the carrier for wear and tear periodically.
  4. Avoid making your baby wear footed rompers or pants. That can create a pull which can her uncomfortable.
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What’s the ideal age to start BabyWearing?

You can start it from Day 1! There’s no need to wait if the two of you are comfortable. Just make sure to choose the right carrier for the age.

Until when can the baby be worn?

As long as you want! Although once the baby discovers the joy of running around, holding her might be a task, but wearing surely comes in handy during travelling and shopping trips. 

To know more about types of carriers and fabrics, keep checking this corner!

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