BabyWearing For Beginners: Which Carrier is Best for You? (Part 2- Buckled Carriers)

In my previous article, I shared a comprehensive list and details of buckle-less carriers, so if you’re looking for one, you can check my article here.

Let’s move on to the second category: Buckled Carriers

There are four main types of buckled carriers:

1. Standard Full Buckles, also known as Soft Structured Carriers (SSC’s)

A full buckle is one of the most widely used carrier. It’s preferred by most of the population because it’s the easier one to use and also has an aesthetic appeal. Like the name suggests, it’s got several buckles for adjustments. This is the reason why they look more structured than the others.

Age range: It’s meant for babies over 7kgs or 4 months to 18kgs
Difficulty level: Easy

Price: Starting from ₹3750/-


1. Super easy and convenient to use. It’s almost like wearing a school bag

2. One can nurse on the go with the help of hood, which also acts as a shade from the sunlight

3. Can be used for back-carrying too


1. Front facing carry isn’t possible

2. Takes slightly more space in the bag than other carriers

3. Not meant for babies who do not have torso control.

2. Toddler Full Buckles (Toddler SSCs)

Toddler sized Full buckles are functionally and aesthetically similar to the standard ones, the only difference here is in the size. They’re meant for older/heavier kids i.e. those weighing 11kgs to 25kgs.

Price: Starting from ₹4750/-

3. Onbuhimo

Onbuhimos are Japanese style carriers which are meant for back carries only. They do not have a waist band at all. Instead, they have adjusters called PFA (perfect fit adjusters) on the shoulder staps to ensure correct fitting based on your and your baby’s size.

Age range: Ideal for kids over 8 months or 70cms in height with good torso control

Difficulty level: Medium to hard

Price: Starting from ₹3100/-


1. It’s a great option for pregnant moms who already have a baby to carry. Since these do not have waist bands, it makes it easier for the expecting mother to wear and hold her child.

2. It’s a great option for moms of tall kids, since front carrying them may not be very feasible.


1. Can’t be used for front carry. It’s use is confined to back carrying only

2. Can’t be used for smaller kids.

3. Children who want their mother in sight always, might resist at first.

4. AnoonA

AnoonA is a signature carrier of Soul. It’s a revolutionary invention since it can be used right from birth until todddlerhood! Not just that, it’s very versatile too and can be used in 5 different ways- newborn carry, front carry, front-facing front carry, hip carry and back carry.

Age range: Newborn (3.3kgs+) to toddlers (20kgs)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Price: Starting from ₹5570/-


1. If you’re looking for one carrier that can be used right from the beginning until toddlerhood, then AnoonA is a great option for you!

2. It can be used in many ways- front facing out being my favourite

3. It has several levels of adjustments to match your growing baby’s size.

4. It has a small pocket on the waistband to keep your phone or keys and also a detachable hood which can be removed and kept when not in use.


1. Learning to use the adjustments might take longer for beginners.

2. A full buckle is slightly more comfortable and convenient to use

3. Some people notice that the waist bands folds a little if not used properly. So that has to be taken care of.
If you’ve narrowed down on the carrier you intend to purchase but you’re confused about the fabric you should opt for, then here’s a news- I’m writing on that super soon! 🙂 So keep an eye on this page!

P.S. Image Courtesy: Soul’s Official Website

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