Our Toys: The Only 10 Toys We Have (For 0-15 months)

I never really invested in toys much because I hate clutter. I only purchase those that have multiple functions, or can sharpen her skills, enhance her sensory experience or those which I know would be used for a long time.

Without wasting much of your time, let me quickly share our favorite toys from the last one year:

1.Rattles (Apt for newborns to 6 months): We didn’t really buy any. Received several as gifts and those sufficed for the first few months.

2. Ring Stacker (Apt for 6 months+): This stacker was once her favourite toy. She mastered stacking the rings when she was about 10.5 months old and after that, it never interested her much.

3. Mega Blocks (Apt for 12 months+): She is now learning to build and destroy the blocks and it’s a fun activity. A must buy for sure!

4. Shape Sorter Blocks (Apt for 10 months+): We received this amazing sorter on her first birthday as a gift and this one is by far, her favorite toy.

5. Quiet Books (Apt for 12+ months): I love these books for the fact that they are so compact and yet teach so many skills and lessons. Again, a must buy for overactive toddlers.

6. Water Wow! (Apt for 15 months+): It’s a mess free coloring book which is great for kids who like to paint and moms who hate to clean :P.

7. Finger paints (Apt for 14 months +): Or later than 14 months, depending how much your child tends to put her fingers in her mouth. But it’s an amazing activity and a great way to teach them colors.

8. Indoor Slide (Apt for 13 months +): A savior for moms of kids who love to jump around and don’t know how to exert and channelise their energy. This slide has been my favorite purchase of the year. Since we don’t have a proper play area in our society, we thought this was a great investment. And boy, was it.

9. LeapFrog AlphaPup (Apt for 12 months+): I saw a fellow blogger’s daughter love this toy and hence purchased, but my girl isn’t a big fan of it. However, she’s yet to learn to speak and I’m sure this toy will come in really handy when that happens.

10. Reusable Sticker Pad by Melissa and Doug (Apt for 18 months+): We are yet to use it in the correct way, since she’s a little young to understand how to stick. We have played/used it a couple of times and found it to be a great way to learn about animals.

And though it doesn’t qualify to be a toy, I’d highly recommend getting this open floor level book rack for your little raeder:

That’s all that we have, love and use on an everyday basis. I’m happy we haven’t purchased anything so far which has been just lying on the bottom of the toy box.

(We have a couple of toys that aren’t used much and hence didn’t make it to the list)

If you hate clutter and love minimalism, you must have probably found this article helpful. Please comment below and let me know if you did 🙂

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