Wearing A Sick Baby- Do’s and Dont’s 

‘It’s flu season again’, read the news headline yesterday. I tried to read again, this time, I could sense chills running down my spine. Every corner of the city has children down with cold, cough and fever.  Like any other mom, I got petrified and started to arm myself against the viral. According to statistics, a child gets cold at least 8 times a year, which meant, I shouldn’t be so worried. But when you’re a mother, your concern is at a different level altogether! 😅

Right from feeding my little one well to making sure that she doesn’t touch anything unhygienic, I checked on everything. And just when I was about to step out with her in the evening, I wondered if wearing babies during sickness was the right thing to do. Then started my research, which went on for hours and I finally found the answers to all my queries. Although she’s well right now, but I believe, it’s always better to be read and prepared for all the circumstances.

I’m jotting some pointers from my research  for all the other moms out there who may have the same concerns like I did. 


  • ‘Can the baby we worn during sickness?’ This was the biggest question I had! The answer is: Wear your baby! It will not only prevent your little one from falling sick, but also keep him comfy if he’s under the weather! Tiny babies to older toddlers, all liked to be snuggled up when they’re unwell. Wearing them makes them feel at ease and calms them down. So don’t worry, go ahead with babywearing.

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings

  • Pick a carrier that you feel keeps you the closest to your baby. A wrap or a ring sling can be the best bet in such a scenario. But if you have something else, not a problem. If the baby is close and snug, you’re good to go. 
  • Keep checking the temperature of your baby when you wear him. There’s a concept called ‘thermal synchrony’ which means that when the mother wears her baby, her body temperature synchronises with that of the baby and enables her to monitor the well being of the little one.

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings

  • Wash the carrier very well once used and the sickness-episode is over. Which also means that you have select a carrier which can be washed easily. Using a full buckle may not be the right choice since washing it is a slightly tedious when compared to a wrap or RS.


  • Don’t use an uncomfortable carrier. There’s a high possibility that your baby might sleep for hours. The last thing you want is backache or discomfort throughout the span. 

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings, @jarsoffluff and @sumi.sweet

  • Don’t leave your carrier unwashed. You don’t want the virus to infect your baby again.
  • Don’t lie down while you’re wearing your baby. Because, if you happen to doze off, you’ll end up with a pain attack in your back. 
  • Don’t force wear the baby. If he’s resisting, understand the cue and let him feel comfortable the way he likes.

Image courtesy: Official Instagram page of Soul Slings

Take care and make sure your child eats healthy nutritious food this season. Keep your surroundings clean and provide your baby with boiled/filtered water. 

If you don’t have a carrier yet, check the website of Soul to find some affordable, super sturdy and beautiful options. 

Until next time!

Take care.



P.S. I’m a brand ambassador of Soul but my opinions are unbiased and not affected by this association at all. 

Top Babywearing Myths Busted!- Part 1

“People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer.”

-Andrew Smith

Often people look at me with delight when they see me wear my little one, but occasionally I also have strangers give me disapproval looks. I even had some people come up to me and tell me that I should rather carry her in my arms than in a carrier. All of this  makes me feel that there are so many myths associated with babywearing and our country is probably not ready for it yet. In fact, mothers are still judged for everything they do and myths, especially related to babywearing remain to haunt the minds of people.

So, I thought, why shouldn’t I use this little cyber space that I created to bust some common babywearing myths prevalent? and may be, through this attempt, try to make the lives of parents a little easier. 

Here’s are the most common questions/objections people have asked/raised:

1. Can’t you carry your own baby? Why do you need a carrier?

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page and @elizabethkonston

I carried my baby in my belly for 9 months and couldn’t sleep for nights together due to the pressure in my uterus. If I could do that, I can definitely do this too. My love for my baby isn’t proved by the kgs I carry. Carrying him/her not only makes it easier for me to stay hands free but it also gives me the liberty to do more things. And most importantly, it also ensures that he/she is safe and close to me all the time.

2. Carrying your baby will make her timid and clingy.

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page 

Babywearing plays the biggest role in attachment parenting method, which is a parenting strategy that aims to encourage the attachment of mother and infant not only by empathy and responsiveness but also by continuous bodily closeness and touch. According to recent researches, children raised with this method are emotionally stronger and confident as compared to those who were let free early on. So, no, my baby won’t turn out to be timid or clingy, rather she’d be more self assured, poised and confident.

3. Your baby must be overheated in the carrier 

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page 

Perhaps, if the carrier is not apt for the season, she may feel slightly heated. But if the fabric used it chosen wisely (I’ll write on that too), she won’t. It’s just another layer that’ll keep her warm. And on any given day, I’d prefer letting her feel a little hot over allowing her to walk or crawl on the floor and get herself injured.

4. It’ll harm your baby’s hips

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page

During this stage, that is, when they’re less than a year old, their joints are still developing, and so it’s important for us to be careful with the choices we make for them. This is the reason why ergonomic carriers are suggested. Usually the seating in non-ergonomic carriers is such that the  hip bones are under stress. But the ergonomic ones form the natural ‘M’ position with knees at belly button height, which is just perfect for their correct structure development. 

5. Carriers can be risky because they’re not strong enough

Image courtesy: Soul’s Instagram page and @jarsoffluff 

Just like any high quality product that would not hit the market without getting all the clearances, carrier too have international safety standards and regulations to be met. 

Soul, for instance, is a member of BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and compliant with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). In addition, Soul Meh Dai, Full buckle, AnoonA and Onbuhimo are tested for ASTM standards too. 

Hope I was able to bust some common myths through this article. I’ll be writing part 2 of this series because there’re many more myths associated with babywearing.

Until then, 

Take care and happy parenting!

Jacquard Ring Sling by Soul Slings: Product Review 

Hola! It’s Monday and it’s review time again! 🙂

I generally get a lot of messages asking me about the carriers I use in the pictures- the quality, the price, the fabric etc.

Honestly , it’s difficult to do justice to them by answering it on apps, because everyone who asks, deserves to know all about the carrier before they invest their money in it. 

Hence I decided to review all the carriers I posses, so that those who are intending to buy them, make a more informed decision. 

Coming back to our product review of the day- Corallium Jacquard Ring Sling by Soul.

Firstly, I love Soul slings- they’re breathtakingly beautiful, they’re made of high quality fabrics, they’re sturdy and they’re quite affordable too.

This particular RS, is made of 100% pure cotton in Jacquard weave with the trademark corallium i.e. “bubbles” patten.


Did you know? Jacquard woven fabric is manufactured on a special weaving loom fitted with a jacquard patterning mechanism. It is due to this unique feature that an array of complex patterns and designs can be made.

Moreover, this particular fabric by Soul, is woven ethically in an environmental-friendly mill based in Southern India which uses only solar and wind energy to run the factory. How awesome is that?

Corallium is a single layered RS, having a GSM or 290 g/m2- which means it’s quite thick and sturdy. This property helps in cushily padding the shoulders and thus the weight or stress on them reduces substantially. It is also thin enough to pass through the rings, even without much practise. 

They’re not only soft, making them perfect to snuggle a tiny baby but the weaves are strong enough to carry a restless toddler with ease too. And oh yes, before I forget, this RS can be used to carry babies upto 15 kgs.

However, if you stay in a city which is hot on humid on most days, I’d not advise this particular RS, since it is quite thick and the baby might feel very hot and uncomfortable in it. In such a scenario, a linen or cotton RS is perfect. But if you’re put up in a cold city, there’s no option better than this one- Jacquard being the thickest and sturdiest variant of all.

Also, though it’s surprisingly soft and airy right out of the box, it may take a few uses and washes to perfectly ‘break in’ this carrier. Id advise to try using it a lot for a couple of days after you receive it, so that they’re well prepped right from the beginning.

Soul has this RS in four sizes based on the height of the wearer:

Size 1 : 63 inches (160 cm)
Size 2 : 73 inches (185 cm)

Size 3 : 83 inches (211 cm)

Size 4 : 93 inches (236 cm)

Other details: (taken from the official website)

Colour : Lavender and white

Fibre : 100% cotton in jacquard weave

Weight recommended : up to 15 kg (33 lb)

Width : 28 inches wide

Price: ₹1800/-

Rating: 8.5/10

Final verdict: If you’re looking for a thick, sturdy carrier, which will keep your baby warm and cozy, this is your friend.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! 
Have a great day!

Disclaimer: Although I’m a brand ambassador of Soul, my opinion about the product remains unaffected.

Soul’s Linen Full Buckle: Product Review

When I was asked to choose for myself a carrier from their collection, I hopped on to the ‘Linen’ category to pick one of the most lovely colours I’d ever seen- Peppermint!

Why linen? you may ask. Well, because linen has some amazing properties which makes it one of the most sought after fabrics in the world. And that’s the reason why you’ll find that often the linen carriers on the Soul’s website go out of stock. If you have a good budget (yes, they’re relatively expensive and I’ll also share why), opt for a linen variant. It’s truly amazing.

I’m sure what I mentioned in the brackets must have paused your thoughts for a moment 😝 so let’s first talk about that.

The cost of producing linen is very expensive than other fabrics because the fibres of linen are made from flax plant which requires more care and nurturing. Also, weaving these long fibres is a more difficult process than it is for any other fabric, thus making it a little pricey.

But what makes Linen a good choice for babywearing?

  • Linen is known to be World’s strongest fibre. Infact, in most countries, paper currencies have Linen fibres added into it to increase its strength.
  • Linen fibres are very long, which makes them more strong and durable. If handled with care, they can last for decades.
  • When new, the fabric is a little crisp. But on repeated use, it becomes very supple. Thus, once the carrier is well broken into, you’ll find that linen gives the best cushiony and comfy feel.
  • It soaks in all the moisture and keeps the surface dry. This property comes really handy when it’s drizzling it snowing outside or even if the baby has peed in it. It’ll save you from the embarrassment for some time at least.  😛 (honestly, I don’t find it embarrassing, but there are people who do)
  • It has natural anti-bacterial properties. And that’s one major reason I love linen. Baby stuff gets infested easily and if there’s s carrier that can protect your baby, why not?!
  • It’s a season-sensitive fabric. It keeps the baby warm in cold climates and turns into an airy and cool carrier during summers.

Aren’t these properties amazing?! What’s more? they come in a variety of colours and  in fact, Soul has just launched their AnoonA collection in Linen which I’ll review soon! Let me just tell you, they’re ‘wow’!

More information about the standard linen FB (taken from the website):

Weight recommendation: 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx

Seat width: 15.5 inches

Body panel height: 17 inches

Fibre: 100% premium linen

Adjustments: 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps

Tested for: ASTM F2236


Standard full buckle : ₹8550/- plus taxes

Toddler full buckle: ₹9550/- plus taxes

Final verdict: If you’re looking for a season friendly, high quality and strong carrier, check the linen collection. You’ll fall in love.

My rating: 9.5/10

(Picture 2&3 are taken from the website with permission)

Disclaimer: I’m the brand ambassador of Soul, but my opinion about the product is not affected by this association at all.

Soul Sumac- A Soul Slings Handwoven Full Buckle

Sumac, from Soul’s spice collection, is a gorgeous limited edition carrier. It is not just a regular carrier, but a wrap-conversion Full buckle, which means the body of this carrier made out of the woven wrap. 

If you know anything about weaves, you must be aware that there are two types of woven wraps- machine woven and hand woven.

Image courtesy: www.soulslings.com 

Note: that’s a close up of a wrap to show how the weaves look

Handwoven wraps are the ones that have been made on the loom manually by the weaver, while in the machine made ones, the weaves are tucked by the machine. This explains the huge price difference in the two as well. Handwoven ones take much longer and more efforts to prepare!

So, what’s so special about Sumac- the completely handwoven carrier?

  • Weave: It’s twill weave makes the carrier stretchy and sturdy.
  • Medium weight: A GSM of 222 gives this carrier sufficient airiness and breathability. 
  • Sturdiness: Having a high tensile strength, the workhorse fabric is extremely strong and can easily take the weight of older and/or heavy kids.
  • Cushiness: Since the fabric is handwoven, the cushiness and bounciness of this carrier is splendid. It also gives the carrier a good grip and the thickness of it makes a good seat for the baby.
  • Softness: It is surprisingly soft out of the box too and it’s softness increases with use and washes. 

Other details (as per the website):

Weight recommendation : 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx
Seat width : 15.5 inches

Body panel height ; 17 inches

Fibre : 100% hand-printed handwoven cotton + woven cotton panel & straps

Adjustments : 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps

Tested for : ASTM F2236

Carry positions: Front and back 

Nursing possible: Yes

This carrier is currently priced at ₹5750+GST and can be shipped worldwide. 

My verdict: If you’re looking for a stylish all-season, strong and cushy carrier, that will hold the baby well and still give the bounciness for comfort, then go for this limited edition carrier before it goes out of stock. 

Here’s the direct link of this FB: https://soulslings.com/in/shop/full-buckle/standard/sumac-full-buckle-standard.html

Disclaimer: I’m a brand ambassador of Soul, but this doesn’t affect my opinion about the product. 


Elina Wadia 

Babywearing on a Budget

If you’ve ever scrolled through Facebook groups or Instagram pages of baby-wearers, I’m sure you must’ve been really tempted to try one for yourself too!

But let’s face it- Babywearing carriers are expensive. Atleast I thought so. I was even sceptical to try one, because I felt it’s quite an investment. And my apprehensions were intact until the day I read about how these carriers are made. That being said, here’s the thing- You need not necessarily spend a lot on these carriers if you’re on a budget. There are various ways in which you can enjoy babywearing without burning a hole in your pocket. I’ve discovered some and thought of sharing them with you.

Before going ahead, let me answer the most frequently asked question:

Why are ergonomic carriers expensive?

1. Most of the carriers use handwoven fabrics because their tensile strength is stupendous. These fabrics, as the term suggests, are hand-made, and hence they’re relatively expensive as compared to other fabrics.

2. The carriers are also stitched manually with utmost care thus making them strong enough to last for years together.

3. The tools used- like rings, buckles etc. are all tested for safety to match the global standards. The carriers themselves undergo various tests to ensure safety and weight carrying capacities.

4. If you look at it from the ‘use’ perspective, you’ll find that each penny spent is worth it. The carrier you get will last you for months/years, and can be used by you for your next child or for another child of a friend or a relative too. Yes, my friend, it is that durable!

I hope that cleared the air. Now moving on the next most frequently asked question- how to baby-wear on a budget?

If you know me, you know that I’m a wise spender (no, not stingy 😛, I said wise). I often research a lot and that’s how I found these ideas to babywear on a budget.

1. Get a preloved one: Each carrier is made such that it can last for decades!  So there’s no harm in getting a preloved one. There are many people who sell their almost new/mint condition carriers on Facebook groups. One such group is ‘Babywearing India’. There’s another called ‘Wrap your Baby’. You’ll find many carriers on sale there2. Wait for sale seasons: Babywearing companies often come up with massive discounts and offers. Recently, during International Babywearing Week, Soul had a flat 30% off on all their carriers.

3. Keep an eye on giveaways: Yes, they’re real! Follow brands in their Facebook and Instagram pages (I’ll link Souls Facebook and Instagram page for you at the end of this article) and participate in the contests. You never know, you might just get lucky!4. Consider a seconds product: Often companies sell the carriers with minor issues (the ones that don’t affect the functionality) or the ones used for photography at a substantially lower amount. You can grab one of those. Keep checking for posts on their social media platforms!5. Buy one and sell that later: It’s similar to buying a preloved one, except that you have to pay the full amount first. 6. Get a reasonable variant: Ring Slings are generally the cheapest options and they perform as good as any other carrier. They can be used from birth to toddlerhood which makes them a paisavasool option 😉7. Rent a carrier: If you want to try babywearing for just a couple of months, you can get in touch with your local babywearing library. They often give carriers on rent at a very reasonable price.

8. Get a carrier on EMI: Soul now offers carriers on easy monthly instalments which is a good option if you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of money at one go 🙂

So, yeah, those are some ideas (8 is a lot!😬) on how you can babywear on a budget. Hope you found this helpful. Stay hooked because I’ve some more awesome stuff coming up on this space 😊

Until then, buh-bye 👋🏻

Oh yeah, before I forget, here you go:

Facebook page of Soul: https://www.facebook.com/soulslings/

Instagram page of Soul: www.instagram.com/soulslings

Ring Sling Tips for Beginners

Ring Sling was our first carrier. Our first love! I got mine when my little one was just over a month old and I remember how handy it was. Stepping out with her never looked daunting. In fact, I don’t remember if I’ve ever stepped out without a carrier. 

But, looking back, I do realize that as a newbie to baby-wearing, I had my own set of fears and apprehensions. Whenever I scrolled through babywearing pictures on Facebook, a full buckle always looked way more easier to manage and carry while a ring sling appeared to be more complex and intimidating. Back then, AnoonA (a full buckle that’s fit from birth to toddler-hood) wasn’t launched and so a Ring Sling was my obvious first choice. And while we are at it- let me tell you- once you get a hang of a Ring Sling, you’ll realise it’s the easiest one to wear and remove and also the one that takes the least place in the bag. Moreover, you can play around with various finishes if you’re creative. Not only that, it’s perfect to try various carries- you can front carry, hip carry, cradle carry and back carry too! And yes, you must be probably aware that it’s one of the most pocket friendly carriers.

Before going ahead, let’s understand the parts or anatomy of a Ring Sling:

ring sling

To make your task easier, I’m sharing a few tips here- all based on my personal experience:

  1. Choose the fabric based on your location and climate in your city: If you’re located in a cold area where it snows or remains chilly often, prefer a handwoven or jacquard fabric. If the weather is moderate, prefer a cotton variant and if it’s warm and summery, prefer linen or mulmul (similar to muslin). Here’s how the fabrics look:  A. Handwoven:

    B. Jacquard

    C. Cotton


    D. Linen

  2. If possible, take help from an educator first. If not, learn from YouTube tutorials by educators and try with a doll/dummy-baby before you wear your baby.
  3. Master the skill of treading. It takes a while, but if you master it first, you’ll have a hassle free experience in babywearing.
  4. Spread the gathering inside the ring throughout such that the fabric is well distributed. This will make it easier to make adjustments or tighten the sling later.Treading
  5. Lift the baby’s buttocks and hold the baby when adjusting, such that the baby’s weight is not on the sling. Also, try to make all the adjustments before you put the baby in. Making adjustments later is  relatively difficult.
  6. Make sure to spread the fabric across your shoulder to evenly distribute the weight. Also, spread the fabric across your back to lessen the stress.  If the fabric of the sling is gathered on your shoulder or back, it’ll be uncomfortable for both you and the baby. If you sense any stress or pain, that’s an indication of incorrect wearing.
  7. Make sure the baby is snug and close to you. His forehead should be at level with your chin. Ring slings are perfect for newborns because they’re one of the carriers which keeps the baby closest to the mother.Snug
  8. Tighten the top rail to make the sling more snug and comfortable. Check for its tension to ensure better safety.
  9. Make sure that the bottom rail forms a good seat for the baby
  10. Alternatively, you can use the tail fabric to make the seat too, especially if you’re carrying a newborn. You can also use the tail to make a head support for the baby, especially if the baby is young and has a floppy head.Seat
  11. Tail of the carrier can also be used to cover the baby if you intend to feed while you’re travelling or otherwise too.

Those were some tips that I learnt in my baby-wearing journey while using a ring sling. Hope you found it helpful. If you want me to share some Full Buckle tips, please comment below. Also, if you’ve got any tips to share on this topic, I’d love to know! 🙂

Image Courtesy: Soul slings website (www.soulslings.com)

Planet-friendliness of Soul: Review of Soul’s Packaging

Let me first admit, I’ve never been the most eco-friendly of people. Not that I used to throw litter everywhere around, but there have been days I chose convenience over the environment. However, something changed in me after I became a mom. I’ve become not just more compassionate towards other human beings but also other creatures and the whole planet at a large- which I’m really proud of! And there’s no way I’m going to to my earlier self. Everything that’s eco-friendly instantly has me sold! 🙂 

I’ve always marveled at brands who go an extra mile to ensure that their products are not only produced ethically but also packaged in a good-for-the-earth way! They definitely deserve a mention and an applaud from the rooftops (or the Internet, because that’s no less)! 

Recently when I received my full buckle from Soul, I saw the packaging and honestly, I’m in raptures about it! From its simplicity to reusability- they’ve done it all right! 

Well, I won’t just talk about it. Let me show you how it was packed and sent:

1. Outer packaging 

Simple cardboard packaging. No designs, no prints and hence no unnecessary wastage. I reused this box to keep my daughters books. This is how it looks now:

2. Inner view: When you open the box, this is what you’ll find:

A manual and a cloth bag to keep the carrier. Again, simply, classy and minimal. No fancy confettis, ribbons or anything for that matter!

3. The cloth bag is again a simple cotton bag which is sturdy and definitely reusable. 

Here’s how I’m using it right now- to keep my little ones cloth diapers. Because when you go-green, you do it correctly!

What I loved was that there’s zero plastic used in the packaging! Is there anything better than this to give back to the planet? I’m sure not! 

So that was my review of Soul’s minimal, eco-friendly yet gorgeous packaging!

In the picture below is my latest purchase from their Spice collection: Sumac Full Buckle in the standard size. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Post-partum Backache and Babywearing

People say pregnancy is for three trimesters, but if you think about it, our body is not our own for a long long time!
Our body changes drastically during and post pregnancy, every single joint and every single cell is affected.
Be it a vaginal delivery or a Cesarean-section, back ache in all circumstances is inevitable. Apart from the lower spinal anesthesia which can also add icing on the cake in case of a c-section, there are various factors (reasons) that contribute to this pain:

Spike in the hormone ‘Relaxin’:
During pregnancy, in order to relax the joints and ligaments, our body produces a hormone called ‘relaxin’ in our pelvis to make it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal. This hormone, basically makes all the muscles and ligaments elastic and soft, which can increase the chances of injury and pain when seated for a long time. Also, since it’s presence is unstable (in terms of amount), the risk of inflammation and joint misalignment increases which leads to lower back pain. It takes about 5 months for levels of this hormone to normalize.

Stretching of uterus: Again, during pregnancy, our uterus stretches to it’s maximum size, thus altering the posture and putting tremendous strain on the back.

Long feeding hours and bad posture: After delivery, comes the era of feeding (cluster feeding, comfort feeding and all sorts of feeding) due to which, mothers are sitting for long duration, and sometimes, for hours together. Bad sitting/reclining posture may add on to the back ache and make it even worse.

Constant bending: Constant bending to lift and keep your baby also causes strain on the back, especially for the first couple of weeks.

How to treat post-partum backache?

Exercise: Stretching exercise on the floor, soon after delivery ensures restoring muscle tone and flexibility.

Weight reduction
: Reducing weight goes a long way in bringing down the strain and pressure on your back.

Don’t bend, sit: When lifting your baby, don’t stretch your arms, instead, sit on your knees and take him/her. This will not cause pain in your back and also help in reducing belly fat.

Avoid bending while feeding: While breastfeeding, do not bend to reach, rather try to pull the baby towards you so that the stress is reduced. You can also opt for lying position to reduce the stress.

Last, but my favorite. Consider babywearing: 

Since the weight is distributed throughout your shoulder and back, the strain is reduced significantly.

I’ve felt a lot of strain on my back while carrying my daughter without a carrier. When you wear your baby, the shoulder straps take the weight, your back is spared.

If you’re a new mom like me, here’s a suggestion for you. Choose babywearing- and choose an ergonomic carrier. It’ll help a lot in curbing back ache and even preventing it.

Featured here is Soul AnoonA- A carrier fit for children from birth to toddler-hood (3.2-20kg)

Check more here: https://soulslings.com/in/shop/full-buckle/anoona/anoona-lead

Hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading and do share how you managed your back ache!

Comprehensive Comparison of Soul AnoonA and Soul Full Buckle

I love babywearing.

And it’s not just because I am hands-free and that it gives me the liberty to do whatever I want, more so because Boo loves it! It instantly calms her down, if doesn’t put her to sleep.

Babywearing was one decision I made long ago–when I was 7 months-pregnant. But when I browsed through the website of various brands, I was always surprised by the price range. I won’t lie, I found carriers pretty expensive at first. Thankfully, Soul’s traveler program came to my rescue. So basically, through their traveler program, they send a carrier of your choice to you for a couple of days to try and test and then you can decide if you’d like to buy it or not. Now, after using their carrier for almost a month, I’d give away anything to get one for myself!! I’m not even exaggerating! The quality, the built, the fabric- everything about their products is top notch!

After I became their brand ambassador, I got one carrier of my choice again and I picked Linen Full buckle in the color peppermint. Now that I have both, here’s a comprehensive comparison for you in case you’re confused as to which one to buy

Soul AnoonA VS Soul Full Buckle (Standard) 
AnoonA is the one in the colour lead (grey) 

Full buckle is the one in the colour peppermint 

1. Weight Carrying Capacity

AnoonA: AnoonA is one ingeniously designed carrier. I guess, it’s the only kind of full buckle which is fit for children from birth to toddler-hood. So, if you’re an expecting mom or a new mom- this carrier is the best investment for you. As per their website- it can carry babies from 3.2-20kgs.

Standard Full Buckle: Full buckles come in two sizes, standard and toddler. The standard one can carry babies weighing 7-18kgs.

2. Adjustments:

AnoonA: It has a completely adjustable panel and crossable shoulder straps. The waistband has adjustment settings that can be changed based on the weight of the baby. There are also settings that clinch the shoulder belt and buckles at mid-panel level too, which can again be adjusted as per the size of the baby to get that perfect snug feel.

Standard Full Buckle: It has a 2- way shoulder adjustments and one strap for the back/chest sliding.

Check the photos to see the different adjustment settings:

(Picture 1 is AnoonA and picture 2 is Standard full buckle in each category)

A. Waist band 
B. Mid-panel:

C. Shoulder level

3. Carrying positions:

AnoonA: It offers 5 carrying positions: Newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back.

Standard Full Buckle: It offers front, front facing out and back carry.

4. Additional features:


  1. The waistband has a small pocket which can tuck in keys and your mobile phone too.The hood is detachable so that the wearer can decide if he/she wants to keep it or can simply remove it.There is a fold-able neck support in the front which makes it ideal for floppy and fragile newborns.Standard Full Buckle:
  2. Minimal buckles and adjustment settings – so it’s quicker to carry and easy to use.Zero lerning curve- I admit, AnoonA took me a while to understand while the standard one was hassle free!
  3. When folded, the linen one is ultra small and takes bare minimum space in the diaper bag, as compared to AnoonA which requires relatively larger space, though not significantly large.

5. Price Range:

AnoonA: Rs. 5750/- plus taxes

Standard Full Buckle: Starts from Rs. 3750/- plus taxes

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Author, MomFunda