Sensory Snuggle Cloth- DIY

Babies love the crinkly noise of plastic and polythene bags- but letting them play with it can be a little risky. Here’s how you can help them enjoy the sound of it and also give them more scope of sensory development with fun-to-touch fabrics.

What will you need?

– 1 Onesie that doesn’t fit

– Labels, strips of textured clothes

– A small empty bag of diapers or any good polythene bag

– A pair of scissors

– Needle and thread


Step 1:

1. Take a clean onesie

2. Mark a square big enough you want the snuggle cloth to be

3. Cut along the markings

4. Take small strips of textured clothes- eg denim, labels, ribbons etc. You don’t need anything fancy. Anything that you have will work too. You can also remove brand labels from the same onesie and use that too.

5. Stitch these strips along the edges of one of the fabrics

6. Once done, place the plastic/polythene bag in between the two fabrics

7. Place the second fabric over it and stitch all the edges along with the other end of the strips

8. Voila! it’s ready to be snuggled 🙂

Half Birthday Decor: DIY 

I’ve always loved art and craft since the time I was a little girl myself. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I couldn’t resist preparing a backdrop /decor for her 6 months birthday aka half birthday 🙂

Here’s what I did and how I did it:

Before you start:

1. Select the wall you want to decorate

2. Based on the dimensions and colour of the wall, choose your colour theme. I chose pink, white, black and a little of golden.

What I made?

•• A chalkboard poster with  all her details

Here’s how-

– I used google images to find a chalkboard draft

– I then added all her details using the basic paint brush software and downloaded a couple of fonts online to make it look even more beautiful and realistic.

– After it was ready, I used to get it printed!

Easy, right? 😁

•• For the decor I made:

1. Buntings

2. Number 6

3. Ruffle flowers

4. Paper fans

5. Cake topper

And here’s how I made them:

1. Buntings: I took six A4 sized card papers and made 18 bunting-triangles out of it. I then used a thread to stick them at equal distance and voila, it was ready!

2. Ruffle flowers or pom pom flowers: I checked for YouTube videos on how to prepare these flowers and made accordingly. You can make 2 flowers out of 1 standard sized crepe paper (I’d highly recommend crepe paper over any other type).

Here’s the link of the tutorial:

3. Number 6: I purchased a big white cardboard and cut it in the shape of ‘6’. I then cut pieces of kite paper in random shapes, crumbled them up and stuck. Took me barely half an hour to get it ready!

4. Paper fans: We all know how to make these. It’s easy and looks beautiful too. I’m still linking the tutorial in case you might want to watch:

5. Cake topper: I used the same cardboard and cuts small piece in the shape of ‘1/2k’ (half). I used glitter glue to colour it and that’s it!

So, that’s how I put it all together. Let me know how you liked it and share in the comments below if you have any ideas too!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


DIY: Baby Socks

Don’t you agree, finding good fitting socks for new born babies is a task? And even if you do, they may not be as pocket friendly as you may want! So here’s a quick DIY for you!! This is for a newborn upto 3 months if your baby is lean. If you have an older or healthier child, you can take the measurement and make accordingly.


What will you need?

– An old or unused sock of yours (Tip: Take solid colour or uniform print for older kids)

– A pair of scissors

– Thread and a needle

That’s all!! 🙂


– Take a sock and cut as shown in the figure. For older kids, take the measurement and cut from any other part and not parallel


IMG_5810– Bring the backside up and sew the edges.


– Reverse and it’s done!! Easy, right?

DIY: Baby wipes solution

After switching to exclusive cloth diapering, my next motive was to go natural with the wipes too. I intended to use disposable wipes only when travelling and opt for cotton cloth with wipes solution at home.

Here’s how I prepared baby wipes solution. It’s super easy and lasts long!

All you need is:

1. Water

2. Organic coconut oil and

3. Baby soap liquid

Procedure: (to prepare around  120 ml)

1. Take 100 ml or 3/4th cup of boiled/filtered water. (I’m preparing 30ml, hence the pictures may appear to be deceptive)


2. To it add 10ml of organic coconut oil


3. And finally around 10 ml of baby soap liquid


Mix well and fill it in a spray bottle. If you’re using an old one like me, make sure to sterilise it well.


Although you can spritz it directly on the bum, but I prefer spraying it on the cotton cloth and then lightly cleaning the bum to avoid redness or rashes.

Isnt this so easy? And yeah, coconut oil is the best remedy for diaper rashes, so this method of cleaning will help you prevent and cure that too! 🙂



DIY: Easy Peasy Ring Sling


Babywearing was one of the wisest decisions I made- I can’t even start to speak of how it has made my life easier! And once you are babywearing, you’ll start realising that one design isn’t enough and you’ll crave for more *guilty pleasure*!! (facepalm) .

And let me be honest- Ergonomic baby wearing is not very pocket friendly. So, to stay in my budget and yet have a variety in my closet- I DIY-ed this super easy Ring Sling inspired from Souls Ikat Eclipse design.

Follow these simple steps below to make one for yourself:

What will you need?

-Tested babywearing rings: 2 (You’ll find them online on and

– Pure cotton cloth: 2.25m (You an use your saree or any dupatta if it matches the requirements)

– Pair of scissors and sewing instruments like machine, needles and thread or access to a tailor 😉


1. Take 100% pure cotton sturdy cloth measuring 2.25m in length and 1m in breadth.



2. Take one end and mark the centre point on the breadth size. Fold like shown in the picture.


3. Fold again like shown hereunder


4. Insert the rings and fold


5. Measure 6 inches from where the rings are placed and mark.

6. Take atleast 5 stitches (yourself or you can ask the tailor to do so) and make sure they’re strong enough to hold the baby. I took several stitches just to be safe!


7. Ta-da! Your ring sling is ready!! Happy babywearing to you 🙂