What To Keep In Mind Before Buying Shoes For Your Baby 

Before babies start walking they don’t need shoes at all. Infact, supportive shoes like hard soled ones may actually hamper their mobility. If at all they need anything, then that’s socks, booties or soft soled shoes. These are useful for warmth and the comfort that babies need, especially during  winters.

Image: Soul’s Instagram page

Once the baby starts to walk and explore, here are some things that you need to look while shoe-shopping:

1) Closure

When buying your baby’s shoes, look for something that keeps the grip intact. When the child is small, choose elastic or Velcro. Both of these are easy to remove and wear the shoes back, especially if you’re in a hurry. Once the child learns to remove these shoes, there’s a possibility that he may pull themoff at the wrong time. In such situations, it’s best to buy shoes with laces. Also, if you opt for laces, make sure they are long enough to tie into double knots. 

2) Material of the shoes:

Soft leather shoes or cloth shoes are the best for the baby. Stiff leather hinder foot development and synthetics too. It’s ideal to opt for breathable, lightweight material. 

Image: Soul’s Instagram page

3) Bend the soles:

The sole should be flexible and should have a good grip. It should not be stiff and too hard. A non skid rubber sole with ridges will offer good traction. For smaller kids, prefer a sole made of artificial fur which will provide with warmth and keep the child from falling too. I’d suggest considering cloth shoes from Soul. They’re best for small babies and even for toddlers when indoors.

4) Check the fit:

Image: Soul’s Instagram page

It is very important that the child tries the shoes first. There should be less than one finger space between his heel and the heel of the shoe and a considerable amount of width between his longest toe and the front of the shoe. The shoe should not be too big and have just enough space to move around the fingers. You should check regularly if the shoes still fit the baby as a baby’s feet grows too fast.

5) Squeeze and check:

If the shoe is made of soft fabric, check the space in the front when the baby is wearing the shoe. If you find no space then the shoe is too tight. It’s best to try a slightly larger size in such a scenario.

6) Time to shop

Babys feet are swollen in the morning. So it is better to shop in the evening for baby shoes as shoes bought in the morning may not fit the baby in the evening 

7) Problem spotting:

You should let your baby wear the shoes at home and walk around. Then remove and see if there is any sort of hurt anywhere on the feet. Once you’re sure there’s no shoe bite or uncomfort, you can let him wear it outside.

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All You Need To Know About Diaper Bags!- Tips to Choose the Right One

Diaper bags- no matter how much you try to run away from them- are an indispensable part of your first few years of becoming a parent. You just can’t step out of your home with a stylish tiny sling filled with bare essentials anymore! There are a gazillion things that a tiny baby needs and we need bigger and spacious bags for that.

Gone are the days when those ugly, plasticky and bulky diaper bags with cartoon prints all over were the only choice available for mothers. Why carry something like that when we now have better options in the market?!

Finding a perfect bag can be a task for an already- tired-and-zoned-out-new-mom. Hence, based on my experience, I thought to share the types of diaper bags available and how you can choose the right one for yourself. 

1) Washable tote/Day bags:

A cloth tote diaper bag and day bags are great options for the first 6 months when you don’t have to carry baby food/water sipper along and all you need are a couple of diapers, wash cloths and a few outfits. It’s also a great alternative for a quick outing with your baby which will last for a couple of hours. It’s one of the most spacious bags because it usually doesn’t have stiffness and segregations to take up space and look bulky. This is also the reason why you can stuff a lot of things in it! 

Image: Soul Day Bag in Topaz


  • They’re spacious 
  • Apt for BabyWearing moms
  • Washable 


  • They don’t have many pockets
  • Cloth bags may not be water proof

Great for:

  • Short trips to the mall or markets
  • First 6 months or when you don’t have to carry food or liquids that might spill

In my opinion, unless it’s rainy season, totes and day bags make a perfect choice for small shopping trips to the market or even for a casual picnic. They look pretty and are easy to carry too.

2) Backpacks
Backpacks look the trendiest of all the options. They’re classy, spacious and available in gazillion patterns to match your taste and style. The best thing about these bags is that they keep your hands free to do whatever you want.


  • Stylish and spacious
  • Keeps your hands free
  • Equal distribution of weight on both the shoulders


  • Not a great option for BabyWearing moms 

Great for:

  • A days outing or even for a a small vacation
  • For moms who don’t babywear

3. Messenger bags or Sling bags
You don’t necessarily need a bag that looks like a diaper bag, isn’t it?

In my opinion, messenger bags and slings are a good option for moms who prefer carrying their baby arms and don’t use stroller or carriers or anything. The advantage of these bags is that you can remove the items from the bag without placing the bag down and furiously hunting for things. 


  • Small and slim
  • Looking for items and removing them is relatively easier 
  • Great for short trips and evening walks 
  • Good option for BabyWearing moms 


  • Very small, can’t be used to carry items for long trips 
  • May not be washable 

Great for:

  • Short trips or evening strolls 

4) Stroller diaper bags

As the name suggests a stroller diaper bag attaches directly to the baby’s stroller, rather than sit below the stroller in the storage compartment. These diaper bags hang from your strollers handles, allowing you to quickly and easily get your baby’s stuff.


  • Easy to quickly find things when on the go
  • Gives your shoulders a break from the weight carrying 


  • Usage is limited to times when carrying a stroller

Great for:

  • People who go on a walk or to the market with a stroller regularly.

5) Standard bags

What are these bags, you might be wondering. Well, standard bags are the usual multi-pocketed diaper bags which are huge and can pretty much fit all the essentials you need. Though you’ll find a myriad of options online, there’re a two brands I’d highly recommend- they’re Bohomia and Skip Hop. They make classy looking, good quality and sturdy bags. You’ll find these two on amazon India and other online portals too. 

Image: Bohomia Diaper Bag


  • Segregations and pockets to fit in all essentials 
  • Look great and are sturdy too


  • Too huge and bulky
  • May not the be the best option for small trips

Great option for:

  • Long trips and vacation 
  • Times when you’re carrying too many things 

6) Designer diaper bags 

Who said diaper bags are always boring?Previously, becoming a mother meant that you would have to give up your Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag. This is no longer a problem since these brands have also started designing diaper bags. So now you can carry all that your baby needs without losing your fashion statement!

Image: Gucci Diaper Bag 
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7 Things to Do Before Baby Turns One

First year is the most exhausting yet the most eventful year of your and your baby’s life! It’s very very different from what you must’ve expected, but it’s one of the most beautiful phases of this journey. While you might want the baby to become independant so that you’re able to visit the washroom in peace, but once the she starts to do things by herself, you’ll miss these precious moments. 

Hence I thought of sharing some activities/things  that every parent must try before the baby turns one:

1. Take More Videos!

Although taking monthly milestone pictures and other cute costume captures are priceless, but make sure to take videos periodically. Everytime I check my album, it is the video that I love watching more than pictures. It’s so fascinating to see the difference!

​2. Make Your Baby Swim

The earlier you put your baby in water, the more confident she will become. Babies find comfort being and floating in water, which is why they get adapted to it easily and learn swimming faster.

3. Don’t Throw Away Those Cute Tiny Clothes

Especially the onesies that have memories attached to them- first outfit, name ceremony outfit, half birthday outfit etc. Save these and you can later convert them into memory keepsakes like a ball or a quilt. 

4. Invest in Books

Make your child a listener. The earlier you read out to them, the more will you broaden their imaginative thinking and vocabulary. 

5. Snuggle Them As Much You Can/ Babywear 

Once your little one starts to become independent and discover the joy of running around, she won’t come as much to snuggle up with you. Invest in a carrier and wear your baby to get those precious cuddles more often.

6. Create an Email ID and Write Letters to Them

I had created one for my baby when I was pregnant. I used to write emails to her and tell her about all the exciting things I experienced while carrying her. I continued to write and share special moments with her even after she was born and I plan to continue doing it until she turns one. I think all moms should try this! Imagine how special would the baby feel on receiving these letters from you.

7. Go for a Quick Mom-Baby Outing

Going with the baby for shopping or to a park alone might appear to be an intimidating idea, but once you leave your fear behind and just step out, you’ll enjoy it! Take the risk, pick your baby and get going. You won’t regret it later! Promise! 

In my opinion, these are a few things that every mom should try before her baby turns one!

What do you think? Please leave your ideas too! 🙂

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Unique Gift Ideas for Babies 

I don’t know about other people, but picking the right gift for a newborn is an arduous task for me, because I just can’t gift a box of mini-sized baby care products (you know what I’m talking about) or random regular clothes- which, by the way, we got many and never used 🤦🏻‍♀️

In my opinion, unique and useful gifts are loved more and they also leave an imprint on the heart of the parents! Their baby is special to them, and a special baby deserves a special present 🙂

Here are some ideas I could think of:

1. Personalised Gifts:

If the baby has been named already, you can surprise the family with a personalised bedding set! Afterall, which mom wouldn’t like that for her freshly named baby? 😉

Brands like HomeSake Love, BabyJalebi, MrsMoses do a great job at personalising bedding sets, diaper bags, play mats and much more. You can click on their names above to reach their Instagram page.

2. Milestone Cards:

If the new mom is an avid photographer or a memory keeper, there’s nothing better than gifting her a pack of milestone cards for photo shoots! I bet she’ll thank you everytime her child does something new 😉 

You can check Instagram pages of Baby Babbles and Pop Goes The Art for some splendid collection!

3. Advanced Cloth Diapers:  

If the new mom is a sucker for all things cute, or perhaps is all about eco-friendliness, giving her a set of cloth diapers is a great idea. You can also make a diaper cake to make it look even more cute!  

Picture Credits: Vani Jose

Advanced cloth diapers are economic and safe for the baby’s skin. They  keep the baby away from diaper rashes thus keeping the baby happy and even the parent. Moreover, they’re way more economic as they can be washed and reused.

Although there are many brands but the one I love and swear by is Superbottoms.

4. Grooming or Feeding Kit 

Which parents won’t like one area of baby care or feeding sorted with a kit of all the essentials?

 Mothercare and Chicco have some great options of grooming kits while Avanchy and Chicco again have some great feeding sets.

5. Subscription boxes

The fad of subscription boxes is increasing tremendously. If you’ve got a friend who goes bonkers over those, you can gift the baby with a subscription box of clothes, books or toys!

Aztuckerbox, Little Reading Club, My Khilona etc. are some great options in each of the above mentioned categories.

6. Soft Soles

Soft Soles are a hybrid of socks and shoes- which means basically they’re as cozy as socks but thicker and as functional as shoes but not as hard, sturdy or tough like them. 

This property of theirs makes them a perfect gift for small babies.

I love the ones made by Soul. The quality of the inner sole is absolutely stupendous!

7) Castings and Impressions

Castings are a way to make the impressions of childhood last forever! It’s a gift that the baby will love you for when he grows up!

You can check the pages of Anahata Creations, The Love Story India, All Things Clay etc. for some stunning creations.

These are the ideas I could think of! Share what you found to be unique and useful when your baby was born! I’d love to hear from you too! 🙂

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Has Motherhood Changed Me?

I’m sitting here, at 6:30 am in the morning, sipping on my hot cappuccino as I write this, while my daughter is tucked in the bed, sleeping peacefully beside her father. 

I’ve a long day ahead. There’s loads to work on, run some errands, prepare meals for my little family, do laundry and amidst the chaos, find some time for myself too. That’s my life- life as a mother.

 Sounds beautiful? Maybe not. Is beautiful? Indubitably, yes!

People often ask, if motherhood has changed me. Honestly, I don’t think any of us ‘change‘ after becoming mothers. We just bring forth certain traits that already existed in us, way before we heard those heartbeats for the first time. Women are born with maternal instincts. No matter how academically oriented or goal driven we are, we have propensity to nurture, care and love. Don’t we see little girls enact as moms to their dolls, dress them up, put them to sleep and behave exactly like how their mothers do? It comes very naturally to us women. It is this that gives us the real contentment.

Talking about our traits and choices in life, in my opinion, once you become a mom, it all gets channelized. We find happiness in places we never knew we could. I’ve come to realize that we don’t really need to talk to someone, to whine or complain in order to feel better when we are sad. A tiny human, who can’t even comprehend what you’re trying to say, becomes not just the best listener (even when not spoken to), but also your best friend, by her mere presence. I’ve discovered that success is not just defined by degrees, positions and paychecks. When you see your miniature human bedazzle you with her antics, you’ll sense the pride nothing on this planet could give you.

Yes, I’m usually in my shabby jammies throughout the day, but I’m still the most beautiful person for my daughter. Yes, I don’t find the time to style my hair, but I’ve a new haircut which I never had the courage to try.  Yes, my personal growth may not be at par with my colleagues and friends, but I bet I know more amphibians, scavengers and  oviparous animals than they do 😉

Learner, I always was, still am. What I learn may have changed.

Responsible, I always was, I just found the right thing to care about.

Compassionate, I’ve been forever, but now I’ve walked a mile in every mothers’ shoe.

Have I changed? No! I’m the same person I have been and shall be for evermore. I’m solely unveiling the hidden facets of mine, to acclimatize to my life at present. Don’t be surprised if you find me in the research team of one of the Ivy league colleges or perhaps run ice marathon someday! Because all we can do is the best we can do, in all the circumstances of life, right? 🙂

This post is a part of the blog train- 2 started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies where she has brought together 59 mothers from across the globe. Do read her blog post on How Motherhood has changed her: http://www.themumsandbabies.com/2017/09/how-motherhood-has-changed-me/ 

Also, to know the take of Surbhi, a fellow mom blogger, on this topic, click here.

Mom of two kids, Surbhi is a versatile momblogger. She has recently won Blog Rock 2017 Best Mom Blog Award.


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5 Things That You Don’t Really Need Until Your Baby is a Year Old

You’ll find the Internet flooded with suggestions on what you need to buy for the baby before/when he arrives, which I definitely agree is required; but there are also a few things/services that I feel babies don’t really need. At least, mine didn’t. 

We have enough reasons to spend on our babies and every online shopping site makes sure to highlight tempting offers which somehow burn a hole in our pockets. So here I am, helping you save some money. 😉😁 You’re welcome! 🤗

So, without wasting much time, let’s quickly delve into the list.

1. Carry Cot

I know there are a few people who swear by it, but I know of a lot who found it to be a total waste- just like I did. My little one was hyperactive ever since she was little, and she never really stayed still inside the cot, except for the first few days. Even when I travelled, I preferred carrying her in a RS over a carry cot, because when she was in it, she always turned and moved so that she could come out of it. Hence for me, it was never useful.

2. Shoes

Babies have flat feet, which is why they don’t find shoes comfortable. When she was born, me and my parents found some really cute options online and purchased a few out of excitement. First, most of them didn’t fit her, when they started to, she found them uncomfortable and now that they fit, she removes them 🤦🏻‍♀️ Until kids start to walk, I’d recommend investing in socks and soft soles instead.

3. Maalish wali

Haha, now this is a hype for sure. In the eyes of the world, if you don’t have a malish wali, you’re depriving your child of her birth right 🤣 and oh yes, she won’t be able to walk or stand early if her muscles aren’t strong, which by the way, only these ‘torture females’ can do. 😐 Sorry for the harsh language, but that’s how they massage babies.

 I don’t deny the importance of gentle massaging but massage time has to be bonding time with the mother. It should be a happy and engaging activity, which definitely isn’t if your maalishwali does it.

After the first 40 days, I took up the responsibility to massage her and both of us enjoyed it. I felt more connected to her and so did she. And oh, she surpassed the physical milestones way ahead than what’s considered ideal! 😀

4. Toys

Kids need stimulation, engagement and emotional connection. Books, natural exploration and simply interacting with them does the job. I’ve spent on books and books only. The only toy I’ve purchased so far are the stacking rings. That’s all. All the other rattles and squeaky toys that she has have been gifted by friends and relatives. So here’s my suggestion, don’t limit their exposure by letting them play with toys only. Read out to them and take them out to explore whenever possible. They need that more than these colourful thingys. Moreover, I’ve seen kids are more fascinated by regular home items than toys 😅

5. Mittens

Though they don’t appear to be expensive, I’ve seen parents go overboard and buy several pairs even before the arrival of the baby. But here’s the thing- Children need to feel themselves, so allow them to touch their faces and yours too. Just make sure to trim their nails well so that they don’t scratch their skin and get hurt, but don’t confine their sensory experience by making them wear mittens. 

Did you also find these items not-so-useful like me? Was there anything else that you thought was overrated and you didn’t use much? Leave a comment below and share with us 😊

Take care and have a happy week ahead!



Painting Activity for 6-12 m old Babies

Since babies between the age of 6-12m love to bang things and love the crinkly sound of plastics- here’s the most perfect and also the most colourful activity for them! What’s more? it can become a keepsake for you too! 🤗

 I plan to frame it and use it as my wall decor ❤️

Inquisitive to know more? Keep reading! 🎨

Here’s the thing- I love artwork! It was my dream to become an artist as a kid. In fact, my grandfather was all set to put me in an art school after my high school was over, but my love for science took over and I ended up becoming a nutritionist. However, the creative side of mine got some exposure during pregnancy and I remember sitting for hours painting in my small book- it was so therapeutic ❤️

Sorry for the blabbering 🙈 Coming back to what I did today with my 8 month-old. It’s easy and fun and MESS-FREE! (I don’t take the credits for the idea, I had seen this somewhere on the World Wide Web and thought of trying 😊)

What will you need:

1. One plain thick sheet of paper

2. Some water colours

3. A paint brush (for yourself)

4. A plastic bag shaped such that the paper goes inside

5. A transparent scotch tape also known as cello tape

6. A few drops of water, if needed


1. Take the paper and place some blobs of paint on it. Use different colours to make it attractive and pretty. Sprinkle some drops of water on it if the paint is thick like mine was.

2. Place the sheet inside the plastic bag and stick the corners with a scotch tape. Make sure to stick in such a way that you can easily remove it later.

3. Give this bag to the baby and let her bang it and try to touch the colours. The more she plays, the more will the colours spread giving it a pretty abtract finish.

(After adding a few drops of water using a dropper 🤗)

4. Let it dry and voila! Your baby’s first painting is ready 🙂

Wasn’t it an easy and fun activity?

Comment here if you liked what you read and if you want me to share more such activities with you all 😃

Until the, take care and happy mothering! ❤️



Half Birthday Decor: DIY 

I’ve always loved art and craft since the time I was a little girl myself. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I couldn’t resist preparing a backdrop /decor for her 6 months birthday aka half birthday 🙂

Here’s what I did and how I did it:

Before you start:

1. Select the wall you want to decorate

2. Based on the dimensions and colour of the wall, choose your colour theme. I chose pink, white, black and a little of golden.

What I made?

•• A chalkboard poster with  all her details

Here’s how-

– I used google images to find a chalkboard draft

– I then added all her details using the basic paint brush software and downloaded a couple of fonts online to make it look even more beautiful and realistic.

– After it was ready, I used www.vistaprint.com to get it printed!

Easy, right? 😁

•• For the decor I made:

1. Buntings

2. Number 6

3. Ruffle flowers

4. Paper fans

5. Cake topper

And here’s how I made them:

1. Buntings: I took six A4 sized card papers and made 18 bunting-triangles out of it. I then used a thread to stick them at equal distance and voila, it was ready!

2. Ruffle flowers or pom pom flowers: I checked for YouTube videos on how to prepare these flowers and made accordingly. You can make 2 flowers out of 1 standard sized crepe paper (I’d highly recommend crepe paper over any other type).

Here’s the link of the tutorial: https://youtu.be/F2uVnIcAMm8

3. Number 6: I purchased a big white cardboard and cut it in the shape of ‘6’. I then cut pieces of kite paper in random shapes, crumbled them up and stuck. Took me barely half an hour to get it ready!

4. Paper fans: We all know how to make these. It’s easy and looks beautiful too. I’m still linking the tutorial in case you might want to watch: https://youtu.be/u4gj9Uoz_co

5. Cake topper: I used the same cardboard and cuts small piece in the shape of ‘1/2k’ (half). I used glitter glue to colour it and that’s it!

So, that’s how I put it all together. Let me know how you liked it and share in the comments below if you have any ideas too!

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The Hairfall Story- Why it happens and how can you treat it?

If you’re a mom and you didn’t face this, girl, you’re lucky! 😀

Generally after 3-4 months of delivery, most moms face postpartum hair loss. In fact, I’ve lost so much hair in this one month, that I feared I’ll go bald! (FYI: that never happens, no matter how crazy your Hairfall is!) 

It’s is a major concern for most moms, especially if their hair is scanty and thin like mine. Hence, I did a little research to jot down why this happens and how can you control it!

  • Generally our hair goes through two phases- Growth phase and resting phase 
  • Normally, 85-90% of our hair is in growth phase and 10-15% is in resting phase, which is why we lose around 100 strands a day and that’s perfectly normal.
  • During pregnancy, our estrogen levels rise, thus freezing the resting phase. This is the reason why women generally during pregnancy have long, thick and lustrous hair.
  • After delivery, the estrogen levels collapse and a lot of hair go in resting phase, this is why women start shedding way more hair than they normally do. 

There’s not much you can do to reverse it, but yes, there are a few things that’ll make your existing hair look healthier!

  • Oil your hair as much possible with a mix of almond oil, castor oil and coconut oil.
  • Make hair masks of ingredients that are known for maintenance of healthy hair- like eggs, banana, curd, henna etc.
  • Include proteins in your diet- that will go a long way in giving your hair optimal nutrition.
  • Protect them from direct sunlight.
  • Decrease your hair length. It’ll give them an illusion of bouncy healthy hair and will also be easier for you to maintain! 

The good news is that this is a temporary condition and your hair growth will be normal by the time it’s your child’s first birthday, so rejoice! U 😀

Postpartum Depression- Is it Real?

Aren’t there a few things that we think happen only to the others? PPD was that for me! Having been in a paramedical field, I thought I knew it all, but the truth is, I didn’t know even an iota, seriously!

Indian stats say, upto 48% women in India suffer from some form of postpartum depression- And these are the reported numbers, I’m so sure there so many more cases that go unheard, unseen and unnoticed 🙁

Before I begin, here’s a disclaimer: I’m going to be super transparent and perhaps, even brutally honest about this, but I guess it’s time we get vocal and not suffer alone!

During my pregnancy, I, like most moms, had severe nausea, vomiting, difficulty in sleeping and so much more. While I endured it all, I smiled and stayed happy, because I knew there’s a bright morning waiting for me, and believe me, there was, I was blessed with an extremely cute and adorable daughter and that day, was the happiest day of my life so far, it was magic! 🙂 But what happened later, I wasn’t prepared for it! After a couple of days, I started feeling like never before, completely disillusioned, overwhelmed, sometimes even possessive about her, for no reason at all. On some days, I cried alone, when I stood under the shower, I missed my pregnancy, or rather, missed my unmarried days, and then there were days, I felt like the most luckiest soul to have such a wonderful partner and such a beautiful daughter. I felt like I was in an emotional roller-coaster!. There were times when I just wanted someone to take her for an hour or two so that I get back to my senses and start feeling a little normal, and then there were times I felt so possessive that I hated when someone held her, or even touched her, and worst, if someone commented on her.

(Here’s a piece of advise, if you’re not a mom yet, never comment on how the baby is or how she is handling the baby in front of a new mom, NEVER! You have absolutely no idea of what she is going through!)

Worst of all, I felt lonely and miserable-for completely no reason, and then I detested myself for being so ungrateful.

With time, I learnt how to deal with it. I’ve jotted down a few things that helped me and will perhaps help some new or soon-to-be moms too!

  1. Be prepared: If you’re soon to delve into motherhood, I pray you don’t feel or go through this at all, but there’s no harm in being prepared! Read a little about it, talk to your spouse or your mom or even your close friend. Inform them about PPD and tell them that you’ll need them. It’s always good to have someone close with you if you happen to go through this.
  2. Be vocal: If you feel low, depressed or gloomy, it’s always better to detoxify yourself. Cry on someone’s shoulder and express how you feel, get someone who won’t judge and give you all the needed support. Don’t let anything bottle up within you, be vocal, be stress-free! Also, if you think you’re more depressed than you should be, take medical advise. There’s no need to shy away, it isn’t an illness, it’s just a phase and getting help will only make you feel good!
  3. Be deaf ears: Now, this is something easier said than done, I know, I feel you mama. But believe me, people who comment on how the baby is- lean or fat, dark or fair, tall or short, or just anything- are definitely not your well wishers. If replying back isn’t polite (or if you’re bad at confronting in a tricky way, like me), just be deaf ears. Don’t let anything make you feel worse- just breathe, ignore and thank the Creator for blessing you with a bounty, which is so profound!
  4. Find some ‘me time’: If you’re having sleepless nights (which I’m sure you’ll have, unless you’re really lucky!), ask someone to take care of the baby for just an hour or two, and you relax, sleep, read, get a facial done 😛 (You’ll need it, lol) or just do anything that you enjoy. It’ll rejuvenate you, get you energised again and hopefully, you won’t be stressed like before 🙂

With that, I wish you all the good luck! If you’re a mom already and have experienced this, share your bit. I’d really like it, and most importantly, new mommies will know they’re not alone.

And yeah, it’s a phase and it’ll pass on even before you realise. As your little ones grows, her charms and antics will fill you with joy and you’ll forget all of it!