First Birthday Decor- Ideas, Tips and DIYs

My little girls first birthday was dreamt of and conceptualized long before she was even born. Every time I attended a child’s birthday as a young girl, I visualized my child’s birthday. I never wanted it to be a fancy affair, I just wanted every little element of her party to be special, just like her.

When I shared a few pictures from her party on Instagram, I received several requests from fellow moms to share the details of our setup. So, here we go!

Firstly, I’d like to share a few tips that you can keep mind before deciding on the theme and colour palette for her party:

1. Pick a theme which is evergreen. Especially for their first birthdays because they have no liking or choice at that age. Sometimes, people choose cartoon characters or era-specific themes which may not live until the child grows up. If we choose cartoon characters of this generation, chances are he won’t feel connected to the photos when once he begins to understand things on growing up. I chose ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, because well, stars are sure to last until her adulthood 😅 Or at least we can hope so! Considering the pollution these days and its impacts these days, you really can’t tell. 🙈

2. Choose a white background with bright poppy or pastel colours which stand out. This will not just make the whole place lovely but also look great in the photos. We chose pastels and gold, because you can never go wrong with that combination 💗

3. If planning at home, choose your window curtains as your backdrop. It takes much less effort in decorating and if planned well, saves space too.

Here are the all the details (even the minutest ones 🙈) of our setup:


1. I purchased white-gold jacquard curtains which were opaque enough to function as our backdrop. (It’s wiser this way because once the party is over, you won’t have to throw away your backdrop but can use the curtains for regular use too)

2. Since the length of our window was 5ft, I purchased 3 sets of broad ribbons in pastel and gold, each measuring 10ft and hung them at equal distances. For that, I simply cut them in the desired length and tied at knot at the bar that held the curtains. Easy peasy!

3. I also purchased 2 glitter star-strings that I purchased from a local party shop and used them in the similar way too. You can DIY these strings too- I realised that later 🙈

4. Below our window, we have a few storage shelves. I purchased 6 helium balloons, in pink, blue and white from a local party shop and tied them on the knob of those shelves. Along with those balloons, I had 2 star shaped foil balloons (filled with helium too) which I’d purchased from AliExpress- I tied them on either sides along with the other balloons to complete the look.

5. We got custom-made bunting which read- “happy birthday (name)” in the same theme from The Joy Factory Shop ( to embellish our beautiful backdrop.

Other walls:

I wanted little but special elements on each corner of my house and here’s what we did:

1. The wall on the left of the cake table had a frame which had her birth statistics and other details from that day.

2. The other wall on the left had a photo bunting with 12 photos- one from birth to 11 months each. We used a jute twine, 12 wooden clips, her snaps that we got made from The Snap Store (costed us just ₹40 or so including delivery!) and a number 1 foil balloon which was also purchased from a local party shop. Setting this wall was simple and without a doubt, it was the star of the show. And oh yes, I also purchased pink felt paper and cut out numbers to attach under each photo to match our theme 🌟

3. The wall above our food table had posters with motivational quotes for my girl. This was an impromptu addition but it definitely worked well with the whole concept.

4. Last and the final wall- which was also the one on the right of the cake table was the ‘wall of wishes’. I purchased some gift wrapping papers and made a few envelopes out of it. I then stuck them all on a wall so that the attendees could write letters for my daughter- something she’ll grow up and read and cherish all her life!

Cake table:

1. We got a ‘ Twinkle twinkle little star’ themed cake with Dutch chocolate filling for her. To make it even more stunning, we got a cake topper in a brilliant golden colour from ‘The Joy Factory Shop’

2. We also got a few cupcakes and placed them on a personalised wooden tray. We embellished them with cupcake toppers and boy! They looked lovely!

3. We also had the return favours for the kids attending and a few props for photographs placed on the table, so that the access is easier.

4. We got a monogram of her initials from the same party shop and placed it on the side of the cake.

5. The Joy Factory Shop designed a beautiful chalkboard with all her current statistics and progress updates in the required theme. We got it framed and placed it on the table! What a stunner it was 😍

4. To decorate the table, I stuck PVC paper on the table top and attached a white satin cloth on its edges to let it flow. On it, I stuck a foil tassel bunting that I purchased from AliExpress in the colour pink, white and gold.

That’s it! I was so happy with how it all came together and how beautiful the photos turned out!

I hope you found this article helpful!

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Happy parenting 😊



Toy Minimalism- Tips and Tricks + Review of Rainbow Roofs from Skola Toys

I won’t call myself a minimalist, but I simply can’t stand clutter. It not only takes a lot of space of your home, but your mind too. And quite unlike the perception, minimalism doesn’t mean ‘plain white nothingness’, but it means getting rid of things which aren’t of much use and living with lesser but meaningful items.

Kids need real activities to play with, and not just a hundred squeaky toys or rattles in different shapes and colours. If you’re also tired of cleaning the whole toy shelf everyday, try maintaining minimalism by following these simple tips:

  1. Free yourself from getting emotionally attached to objects which are of no use. For example, get rid of toys that your child has outgrown. Don’t keep hoarding toys that he doesn’t play with any more, give it to someone in need instead. This way, you won’t only de-clutter but also help another child enjoy the same way like your kid once did. 
  2. Don’t purchase two similar toys, or even books for that matter. For instance, one board book of alphabets suffices, you don’t need to get three different types of it. Similarly for stacking toys- just invest in one of them. Most of them teach the exact same skill set.
  3. Don’t invest in a soft toy until your baby is at least 2 years old. I made a mistake of getting one while I was pregnant and believe me, I regret that purchase every day. Not only it’s fur entangles dirt, but the child is very small to understand how to play with soft toys and it usually ends up taking space in some nook of the house.
  4. Invest in toys that can be used for a long duration. Activity push walkers, for example, are useful only for a couple of months until kids learn to walk, hence not a good investment.
  5. Purchase toys that are versatile and multi-purposive. This will not only take less space at home but also unlock your child’s creativity to a great extent.

One such toy that I intend to talk  about today is ‘Rainbow Roofs’ from Skola Toys. When I first read about Skola Toys from a few experts, I hopped on their website to see their collection. Not only was I blown away by the brilliance yet simplicity of their toys, but what absolutely loved was the fact that each toy has been designed after plentiful research and thought.

My little girl who’s almost 13 months old now, usually doesn’t enjoy playing with one single toy for a long duration. It’s difficult to keep her engaged and the only way I am able to do that is by trying a different ways of playing with her existing toys.

When I spoke to the representative of Skola Toys, they recommended me to try out their rainbow roofs. It’s basically a triangular base on which colourful wooden roofs can be stacked. Although it’s meant for kids who are aged 1.5y+ my daughter still enjoys playing with it.


It came well packaged in a medium sized box, which instantly made me realise what a wonderful gift idea would it be for kids on their birthdays.

The box was made of cardboard and had drawings on it. The contents induced: one triangular base, 7 wooden roof stackers and one small box of 4 crayons for colouring the doodles on the box. Now that’s called thoughtful packaging!


The make of these stackers is top notch and the colours used are bright and vivid- just how the kids love it. The edges aren’t sharp and the colours don’t peel off too, hence making them safe to use.

The only downside I noticed was that- the pieces are slightly heavy and young kids might find a little difficult to play with them, initially. Although I’m not completely sure about this. Perhaps, I feel so because my girl is younger than the recommended age and maybe that’s why she’s finding it a little difficult to lift.


When I first saw the box, I thought it’s a regular stacker with a different shape and style. But then I read the manual sheet and information on their website, I realised how creatively these can be used and how conveniently they transform into a variety of structures.

Here are some examples of how creative one can get with them:


There are several skills/concepts that a child can learn through these stackers 

  •  Balance 
  • Hand eye coordination 
  • Memory
  • Colour recognition 
  • Dexterity
  • Fine motor skills

To know more about learning toys, click here

Why would I recommend this toy?:

  • Space saver- one toy can be used in so many ways 
  • Toxin free- made of natural wood
  • Bright and vivid colours
  • Builds skill set and enhances their learning capacity
  • Sturdy and long lasting.

All in all, it’s a brilliant product and I will definitely recommend it for kids who’re 1.5-2 years. If your child isn’t in this age bracket, don’t fret, you’ll find many more options for all age groups starting from 1year. Click here to reach their website.

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Happy parenting,

Elina Wadia

P.S. This was a sponsored post but my opinions are completely unbiased and genuine

Bumberry Diapers- Comprehensive Product Review

I vividly remember, while packing my hospital bag, I was browsing through diaper options on, when I stumbled upon Bumberry Diapers. Back then, unfortunately, I had absolutely no clue of the concept of advanced cloth diapering and was sure that I won’t be able to make heads or tails of it, so I decided to pick the conventional cloth nappies and a pack of disposables instead. Slowly and gradually, I learnt more and before I realized, I was exclusively cloth diapering my little one. Exactly 10 months later, I saw Bumberry make an appearance on a social media platforms too and realized it was the perfect time to try them out. So, after a month of extensive use, I’m here to share my personal experience with you all.

Bumberry sent me two diapers to review: One pocket diaper and one cover diaper along with a wet-free insert. Let’s dive into the review of all three.

Pocket Cloth Diaper with one 3 Layered Microfibre Insert

Bumberry pocket diaper comes in a package along with one insert which is apt for the diaper. It’s designed for 2.5 to 15 kg which means you can start using it right from birth and use until toddler-hood. The pack said it’s best for sleep time and quite honestly, I wasn’t convinced how a pocket diaper would perform at first, so I waited and tried using it during the day only. After one week, I mustered some courage and used it for night-time and boy! I was blown away by its performance. Even when I tried it on her for the first time, it stayed absolutely dry as if it was freshly dried in the sun- and that was after more than 13 long hours of being worn!!

It’s trim, perfectly sized and the snap buttons are placed appropriately to fit all sizes. The outer cover is soft and inner lining is great too. However, the microfibre insert doesn’t seem to be of the same quality like that of the cover diapers. Although, it doesn’t come in contact with the skin and absorbs pee really well, so I have nothing to complain about.

Price: Rs. 780/- for the set

Available on: Firstcry, Amazon, Hopscotch and their website

Cloth Diaper Cover with 1 Bamboo Insert

This cover diaper is a great day time option, especially in winters. Since it comes along with a bamboo insert- which is known for super absorption and its quick drying properties, it’s the best you can get for the season. I loved how soft the upper part of the insert is which makes it suitable for even kids with highly sensitive skin.

In my use, I noticed that it usually lasts for 5-6 hours easily after which it has to be changed.

Price: Rs. 760/- for the set

Available on: Firstcry, Amazon, Hopscotch and their website etc.

Wet Free Insert:

If you’re considering to buy a diaper for your small baby who’s extremely sensitive to the feeling of wetness and gets cranky easily, then this insert is for you! It has three layers of microfibre terry cloth with one layer of extra dry suede to serve the purpose. It’s designed to fit along with Bumberry cover diapers and miraculously keeps both the diaper and the baby’s skin absolutely dry. Of all the products, this one took me by surprise the most! I’d highly recommend trying this insert. Priced at Rs. 660/- for 3 inserts, I believe it’s a steal.

Available on: Official website of Bumberry, Firstcry, Amazon, Hopscotch etc.

I hope you found the review helpful!

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Happy parenting!

Love, Elina

P.S. This was a sponsored post but my opinions remain unaffected by the association.

All You Need To Know About Diaper Bags!- Tips to Choose the Right One

Diaper bags- no matter how much you try to run away from them- are an indispensable part of your first few years of becoming a parent. You just can’t step out of your home with a stylish tiny sling filled with bare essentials anymore! There are a gazillion things that a tiny baby needs and we need bigger and spacious bags for that.

Gone are the days when those ugly, plasticky and bulky diaper bags with cartoon prints all over were the only choice available for mothers. Why carry something like that when we now have better options in the market?!

Finding a perfect bag can be a task for an already- tired-and-zoned-out-new-mom. Hence, based on my experience, I thought to share the types of diaper bags available and how you can choose the right one for yourself. 

1) Washable tote/Day bags:

A cloth tote diaper bag and day bags are great options for the first 6 months when you don’t have to carry baby food/water sipper along and all you need are a couple of diapers, wash cloths and a few outfits. It’s also a great alternative for a quick outing with your baby which will last for a couple of hours. It’s one of the most spacious bags because it usually doesn’t have stiffness and segregations to take up space and look bulky. This is also the reason why you can stuff a lot of things in it! 

Image: Soul Day Bag in Topaz


  • They’re spacious 
  • Apt for BabyWearing moms
  • Washable 


  • They don’t have many pockets
  • Cloth bags may not be water proof

Great for:

  • Short trips to the mall or markets
  • First 6 months or when you don’t have to carry food or liquids that might spill

In my opinion, unless it’s rainy season, totes and day bags make a perfect choice for small shopping trips to the market or even for a casual picnic. They look pretty and are easy to carry too.

2) Backpacks
Backpacks look the trendiest of all the options. They’re classy, spacious and available in gazillion patterns to match your taste and style. The best thing about these bags is that they keep your hands free to do whatever you want.


  • Stylish and spacious
  • Keeps your hands free
  • Equal distribution of weight on both the shoulders


  • Not a great option for BabyWearing moms 

Great for:

  • A days outing or even for a a small vacation
  • For moms who don’t babywear

3. Messenger bags or Sling bags
You don’t necessarily need a bag that looks like a diaper bag, isn’t it?

In my opinion, messenger bags and slings are a good option for moms who prefer carrying their baby arms and don’t use stroller or carriers or anything. The advantage of these bags is that you can remove the items from the bag without placing the bag down and furiously hunting for things. 


  • Small and slim
  • Looking for items and removing them is relatively easier 
  • Great for short trips and evening walks 
  • Good option for BabyWearing moms 


  • Very small, can’t be used to carry items for long trips 
  • May not be washable 

Great for:

  • Short trips or evening strolls 

4) Stroller diaper bags

As the name suggests a stroller diaper bag attaches directly to the baby’s stroller, rather than sit below the stroller in the storage compartment. These diaper bags hang from your strollers handles, allowing you to quickly and easily get your baby’s stuff.


  • Easy to quickly find things when on the go
  • Gives your shoulders a break from the weight carrying 


  • Usage is limited to times when carrying a stroller

Great for:

  • People who go on a walk or to the market with a stroller regularly.

5) Standard bags

What are these bags, you might be wondering. Well, standard bags are the usual multi-pocketed diaper bags which are huge and can pretty much fit all the essentials you need. Though you’ll find a myriad of options online, there’re a two brands I’d highly recommend- they’re Bohomia and Skip Hop. They make classy looking, good quality and sturdy bags. You’ll find these two on amazon India and other online portals too. 

Image: Bohomia Diaper Bag


  • Segregations and pockets to fit in all essentials 
  • Look great and are sturdy too


  • Too huge and bulky
  • May not the be the best option for small trips

Great option for:

  • Long trips and vacation 
  • Times when you’re carrying too many things 

6) Designer diaper bags 

Who said diaper bags are always boring?Previously, becoming a mother meant that you would have to give up your Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag. This is no longer a problem since these brands have also started designing diaper bags. So now you can carry all that your baby needs without losing your fashion statement!

Image: Gucci Diaper Bag 
Hope this was helpful. Thanks for stopping by and reading.



The DroStore: Handmade Frames for Your Child’s Room- Product Review

I believe, being a mother gives you the strength and motivation you never had! It increases our potential, patience and creativity tremendously! Only if we chanellise this newly gained strength correctly, we shall see ourselves doing wonderful things we  wouldn’t have imagined otherwise!

One such supermom is Tania Samtani- Founder of ‘The DroStore’! When she had her baby, she realised that we, in India, don’t have many room decor pieces for our kids. Even if we happen to find a few, they’re either very expensive or not of good quality. 

Instead of giving up on the idea of decorating her child’s room, Tania herself designed and handmade some frames for him which instantly spruced up the space giving it kiddy element it needed! Her family loved her work and soon her hobby turned into a business.

If you check their Instagram Store, you’ll find tons of cute handmade picture frames apt for your little ones room- especially the crib wall or their reading corner! 

Since it’s inspired by her own son, Drona (hence the name- The DroStore), there’s something for each child here!


 Talking about the quality of frames, it’s top notch. The frame sent to me is absolutely stunning. I loved how they used white frames and pastel colours that give a emit cool Scandinavian vibes- which I’m planning to keep as the theme of my daughter’s nook.

If you’re a fan of bright colours that pop out and look vibrant, you’ll find a collection to match your taste! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!

Other Items:

They’ve recently started selling organic wooden teethers too. The one I was sent has a wooden ring and a wooden birdie brought together by a string filled with silicon beads which also help in reliving kids of those evil teething itches.


Packaging was done in a careful manner such that the fragile items aren’t ruined during transportation. Infact I received the items the very next day of dispatch! Excellent service, I must admit!

People behind the brand:

I wouldn’t be lying if I said Tania was one the best brand owner I have dealt with so far! She’s the sweet and funny to talk to and does a great job.

Price Range:

Handmade frames cost around ₹1500/- and wooden teethers cost around ₹650/-

Rating: 8.9/10

Where to shop from: They’ve an active Instagram page. You can click here to reach the store now.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


P.S. This post is sponsored but my opinion is genuine and unaffected.

App Review: Zoctr- Your Home Health Partner

Just like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats etc. collect data on restaurants in your vicinity and bring scrumptious food right to your doorstep, Zoctr too detects your location and gives you all the information about the best medical services in your locality. How awesome is that?

Especially if you’ve moved to a new city or you want a specialist to see you immediately, this app can be your best friend!

Which all services do they provide with?

  • General physicians 
  • Nurses
  • Nannies
  • Dietitians 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Psycho-counsellor
  • Speech therapist 
  • Occupational therapist 
  • Specialist Doctor etc.

They have both single visit and multiple visit options. In fact, if you’re looking for long term treatment, you can select that too!

Additional services:

Not just that, they provide with equipments too. In case you’re looking for a wheel chair, or if you’ve an ailing patient at home and you want a bed or medical devices delivered to you, they’ll take care of that too.

Managing your bookings:

You can also manage your booking by renewing, pitting in on hold or stopping the service chosen.

All in the app:

Once you choose a service, you’d be able to track the staff and also monitor their attendance on the app itself! Doesn’t this make the whole process hassle free?


Payment can be made using PayU app which is integrated with their app itself- you can choose either your credit or debit card. Since PayU is known for online transactions, this process too is pretty smooth.

What makes this app extraordinary?

  • It’s India’s number 1 home health app, which has an in-built GPS that instantly finds the locations and connects with medical service providers in the vicinity.
  • Gives us details of confirmations along with the profile of the staff.
  • Helps us schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.
  • Easy booking management.
  • With just one account, we can have several patient profiles for other members of the family too
  • Constant and helpful back-end support

It’s currently free for download on both Android and IOS. Check now and make life easier! 

My rating: 3.9/5

Mamaearth Baby Range: Product Review

Hello people! 

I’m on a mini vacation at my moms for a couple of days. This time around, I decided to carry Mamaearth’s travel kit since it’s more easier to pack and fit in my diaper bag. These miniature bottles and tubes are perfect for small vacations and can be an excellent choice as your hospital bag essentials too. Although I’ve been using this brand for months now, I finally decided to share my opinion about this particular range:

1. Baby massage oil

Made with almond, sesame and jojoba oil, this concoction is extremely moisturising. Even a little amount spreads well on the body. My little one has a very sensitive skin, but this oil didn’t react or cause any redness. However, I would have liked it more if it were a little less thick.  

2. Body Wash 

It’s a coconut based mild body wash which doesn’t cause eye irritation. It cleans away the oil well and the fragrance isn’t very overpowering too, just how I like it. It also leaves the body nourished and fresh and doesn’t dry her skin.
3. Baby Shampoo

I absolutely love the citrus-y fragrance of this shampoo. It makes me nostalgic because I suppose the hospital she was born in used this product. Hence, everytime I use it, it takes me back to those days. Moreover, it causes no eye irritation and cleanses her hair well.

4. Moisturising lotion 

This is my favourite product from the lot. I love the Shea butter fragrance and the buttery soft feel of it. It leaves her skin extremely moisturised and supple.

My rating: 3.8/5

You’ll find this kit and regular sized bottles on their website, and too 

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Have a great day!

Mamaearth Organic Wipes: Product Review

If you’re a mom, diapers and wipes have become an essential part of your life by now, and until you’ve successfully potty trained your baby (which in my case is far fetched dream 🤦🏻‍♀️), there’s no escape from these two. 

Generally, while talking about baby products that have a negative impact on the environment, it is the disposable diaper which gets the attention while the wet wipes find a thin escape. But the truth is, that they are contributing equally to this great damage, since they’re made of polyester which is highly non-biodegradable. 

On June 7th, an article in The Guradian highlighted this issue- “While wet wipes might feel like an improvement upon regular old toilet paper, they’re actually causing a lot of problems for sewer systems. That’s because, despite being marketed as acceptable to flush, wet wipes don’t actually break down the way that toilet paper does, and can easily clog drains and sewer lines. In fact, it only takes a few flushed wet wipes to cause a clog, and once those wipes are mixed with fats or oils, the resulting blockage in public sewers (stomach-churningly known as “fatbergs”) can be gigantic.”

A couple of months ago, I shared about how I prepare a DIY solution and use a regular muslin/pure cotton cloth to wipe my baby’s buttocks. I did manage to do that while we were at home, however, when we were out, it was not possible to follow the same regimen and I had to resort to using regular wipes. 

But then I stumbled upon the new launch of my favourite brand, Mamaearth

They made a major breakthrough with their Organic Bamboo-based Wet Wipes, which happens to be the first of its kind in India. 

These wipes are not only earth-friendly and biodegradable, but also hypoallergenic and more absorbent as compared to the regular ones. 

They’re made of organic bamboo , aloe vera and almond oil which explains why they’re soft to touch and nourishing to the skin. 

They’ve a balanced pH and softness of natural fibres which makes it the most perfect option for newborns too.

Without a doubt, I’ve found the most perfect ecofriendly alternative to the regular wet wipes! #saynotopolyester

Price: ₹249 for a pack of 80 wipes

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture 

My Rating: 8.9/10

Mamaearth Anti Hairfall Kit: Review 

Mamaearth has been my favourite fetch after becoming a mother. If you happen to visit my home, you’ll see a variety of their products on all my shelves, and I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the case for several years to come 🙂

What’s so special about mamaearth?

When Ghazal and Varun, founders of Mamaearth, found out about their pregnancy, they realised that there were very few safe and toxin free products in the market, which took them by surprise. So they took up the responsibility of starting a company that made 100% toxin free and safe products for both the mother and the baby. Infact, they’re the only MadeSafe brand in Asia! How awesome is that!

Coming back to our review for today- Anti Hairfall Kit by Mamaearth

This Kit is a complete package a mom needs to combat Hairfall (especially postpartum Hairfall, because well, nothing can beat its severity🤦🏻‍♀️)

What all will you receive in the package?

1. Root Restore Hair Oil

2. Happy Heads Shampoo (I love this name!)

3. No More Tangles Conditioner

4. Pro Growth Tonic

The steps are pretty simple and well illustrated and explained: 

According to the brand, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your Hairfall within 6 weeks (hence, the challenge)! I’ve been using it for over a week now and I couldn’t resist sharing my honest review/first impression with you all! 

1. Root Restore Hair Oil

Claims: Repairs roots, provides nourishment and repairs damaged hair.

My experience: It’s not so sticky and has a nice herbal smell- which is justified. However, I sensed mild headache for a few minutes after I used it, which can probably be due to some ingredient not suiting me. It easily goes off when washed and doesn’t leave any oily residue behind- which I like!

2. Happy Heads Shampoo

Claims: Gentle cleaning and scalp nourishment 

My experience: It really cleanses the scalp well and gives a fresh feeling. My post hair wash hairfall has reduced substantially. The fragrance is soothing and it lathers up really well too. The nozzle cap helps in controlled product use and prevents wastage.

3. No More Tangles

Claims: Detangels Hair, moisturises brittle hair and controls frizz

My experience: Firstky, I love the fragrance and the subtle cocoa butter hint to it. My biggest issue which led to Hairfall was ‘tangles’. This conditioner smoothens the hair which results in almost no tangling and this leads to reduced Hairfall. I’ve also noticed that the roughness and frizz ofmy Hair has reduced, so here’s a big yay from me. This is definitely my favourite product from the lot.

4. Pro Grwoth Tonic

Strengthens roots, reduces hair fall and improves hair density

My experience: I wouldn’t lie if I call this the magic potion. It’s definitely one of the biggest contributers in controlling Hairfall. However, the fragrance is slightly overpowering. But if you focus on the advantages, that can be easily overlooked. 

Verdict: If you’re a mom and if you’re facing crazy hairfall like me, go for it. It’s totally worth the money you’re spending. I’d recommend following the steps and using it religiously, as instructed to see the results 

Rating: 8.5/10 

Price: 999/- for the whole set (after introductory discount)

Thank you for reading 🙂

Until next time, take care! 


This kit was reviewed and tested by: Batul D

P.S. I was sent this package in return on an honest review. MomFunda or the writer wasn’t compensated in any way for this review.

Our Day at Babyscastle, Mumbai

Located in the heart of Santacruz, Mumbai is India’s first and one of its kind aquatherapy centre for babies- Babyscastle-A brainchild of Dr Priyanka.

After the birth of her baby boy, Dr Priyanka felt that Indian kids are missing out on early water exposure which has humongous benefits, so she went to the States and studied about aqua therapy to bring it to our own country! 

On 14th October, we were invited to the centre to explore, experience and share our reviews. So here it is! 

1. What are the services provided?

-Aquatherapy for the baby 

-Aquaphysiotherpay for kids, special kids and expecting mothers 

-OPD for special kids 

-Play area 

-Spa and massages for mothers 

-Relaxing spa for babies 

How does aqua therapy help the baby?

There are several advantages that various researches have highlighted:

  1. Muscle development and balancing is better in such infants 
  2. Those kids who are introduced to water early on are ahead of non-water peers in oral expressions, math and reasoning skills 
  3. Improved sleep pattern and quality
  4. Massage therapy helps in weight gain in preterm infants 
  5. Better functional mobility 
  6. Massage instruction decreases paternal stress
  7. Babies who skin have better coordination and can grape the objects more easily than non-swimmers.

3. Can the baby swim?

Since babies are in the amniotic fluid, floating freely, being in water is not new to them. The younger they are, the more secure and comfortable they feel. 

What about the temperature, impurities and chemicals in the water?

The water is filtered using the best filteration method available and the temperature is maintained to slightly warm throughout- so that the baby is at ease. Moreover, the chlorine content is very low as compared to regular pools so that the skin of the baby remains safe and free of irritation.

4. Will the baby be able to hold himself?

Yes, with support. They also give the baby a floater so that he can swim independently.

5. Will the baby not be petrified?

Young babies are at rest and more comfortable. Older babies might take a couple of days to get adjusted and feel confident. Crying in the first few sessions can be anticipated.

6. At what age can we start?

As early as one month! Yes, it’s safe to try and start that early! 

7. Would you recommend?

Yes, absolutely! But not just one session. If the baby is sacred, he might not take a dip at all. Book a few sessions to get the baby comfortable and for him to be at ease and enjoy!

8. What are the charges?

Around 3000+ for one session. But if you enrol for a plan of 18 sessions you’ll pay 24,000/- and that way it’ll cost you cheaper/session. 

How to contact them?

You can either check the number on their website ( or message them on Instagram. They’re very responsive 

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!