In the last 4 years, I’ve tried several things for my daughter, from toys to books to even healthy ready-to-eat food items for busy days. Some were hits and some, misses. To save your time and money, I have curated lists of things I’ve used and loved, and also those which are very similar to what we own. I hope you find this store useful and you enjoy these items as much we did. Happy shopping!

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 As much I vouch for home-cooked healthy meals using local and seasonal ingredients, I’m also aware that opting for those during lazy or busy days can be challenging. Here’s a list of foods that care safe and healthy for kids.

Using the right tool when feeding your children can be a total game changer. These are some of my favourites. I’ve carefully picked good quality equipment to ensure that they last you really long.

 From contrast books to books with vivid colours, children have and will always be fascinated by the world of books. You’ll find my picks for this age group here.

 Books open windows to an imaginary world where children learn to believe they can do anything. You’ll find some of my favourites here.

Children at this age pick up words faster than they do at any age. Build their vocabulary and enhance their imagination using books as tools. Some of my favourites for this age group can be found here.

 Young children don’t need many toys. What they actually need is tons of sensory play and rich, stimulating aids. Find some of my favourites here.

This is the age where exploration starts. Give them toys that will inspire them to think outside the box.

 Preschoolers are curious beings. They need toys that will feed their curiosity, spark their imagination and keep them productively engaged. Some of my favourites can be found here

 Stuck indoor or not movement is really important for overall development of childern and so is sensory play. Covering both here.

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