Our Favorite Children’s Books: 12-18 months

It’s mesmerizing to see our little ones grow and learn things at a surprising speed everyday. Once they turn a year old, their mental development takes a major leap and they learn a variety of things/skills super quickly. By the time baby Boo was 13 months old, she could bring the exact book I would ask her to get. She didn’t just know the title and content of each of her books well, but could also identify them from their back covers. Pro-tip: If possible, invest in an open, front facing, floor length and accessible book rack. 

Our favorite books from our current stage (12-18m) are:

1. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, What Can You See? by Jo Lodge

We received this book on her first birthday and I’m short of words to describe how much Boo loves this one. It has little holes for movement of flaps which results in animation-like effect. She reads/plays with this book almost everyday.

2. Busy Zoo by Campbell

This book is very similar to the previous one or maybe a little more advanced version of it. It’s because of this book that she knows to identify tortoise, hamster, parrot, chameleon, rabbit and so many other animals. Definitely worth investing in!

3. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a perfect bedtime read! Dark pictures with minimal words to both indulge the baby and also prevent him from getting overly-engrossed in the story-line.

4. The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Although, I’ve heard better reviews of other books by this author, I went ahead with this specific one and I’m so happy that my girl loves it. More than the story-line, it’s colorful pictures of animals that attracts her attention. It was on a massive discount when I purchased it, and I found it to be worth each penny spent.

However, you can definitely consider these books too:


Here are some books that are in my cart and I’m buying them soon. I’d suggest you to check these too, they seem to be wonderful.

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