5 Products That Will Help You Keep Your Home Clean and Make Your Life Easy!

Unlike always, this time my article doesn’t essentially revolve around children. Rather, it is a topic I never thought I’ll write on. But these 5 items- that I recently discovered and I have a feeling that they’re not so widely used in Indian homes- have come in really handy for me in the last few months.

Hence, I thought of sharing my experience with you all too so that you’ll can also make informed choices.

Also, none of these items are sponsored. In fact, these brands don’t even know that I exist 🙈 Not that it affects my opinion anyway but still thought of putting it out there.

So yes, coming back to my favorites of this month:

1. CIF Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner

I may not be categorized under the section of people who have OCD, but I just can’t function if my kitchen table-top is cluttered and messy. I hate when the walls get sticky due to oil splatter and it’s even more irritating when they build over time and leave a residue on the wall. If you’re someone like me, then this thing is for you. At first, I was hesitant to try it since I wasn’t aware of its performance, but now, there’s not a single night I sleep without cleaning my kitchen with this liquid. It just not removes the oil from the walls efficiently but also cleans the sticky switchboards with just one swipe. (Note: You’ll have to use it religiously to see the desired results)

2. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

I won’t lie, I first tried this detergent in one of their campaigns but I instantly fell in love with this product. What I like about it is-

1. It doesn’t leave white spots on dark clothes, which most powder detergents do.

2. It smells amazing. Even after the clothes are folded and kept in the wardrobe, they continue to release the fragrance.

I got it on a massive discount online, and so purchased a few for the future too. Yes, that’s how much I like it.

3. Odonil gel room freshener

I have tried several room fresheners in the past but nothing works like this one. Actually, I never read reviews or even saw a TV ad for this specific variant, it was more of an an impulse buy during one of my mall visits and I’m very happy with my purchase. Especially because I’m using cloth diapers for my daughter and often the soiled ones remain the bathroom for a few hours (*facepalm*) until I get free to wash them. Which is why, my bathroom smells unpleasant. Since I have been using this freshener, that fouls smell has curbed to a great extent.

This particular fragrance- passion fruit, is my favourite. And oh yes,  you can turn the bottle to increase or decrease the intensity too.


4. Wonderchef Bullet Grinder

I know this is not like the other items FMCG items mentioned above, but I couldn’t resist from sharing this particular product that I love with you all. It’s such an incredible machine that I even gifted it to so many people.

It’s a major space saver and is also ultra convenient to use and store. I’ve been using for over 6 months and it’s working perfectly for us. It not just grinds efficiently but also makes quick juices and smoothies.

If you’re looking to buy one, I’d totally recommend this!

5.Comfort Pure – Baby Variant

Again, a random purchase I can’t thank myself enough for. This conditioner makes baby clothes ultra smooth and soft. I couldn’t believe my hands when I touched her clothes after the first wash! If you purchase good quality clothes for your little one, using this will ensure they remain soft like new always.

That’s all, folks!

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Thanks for stopping by and happy parenting.



P.S.  This article may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything using those links, a little percentage of it will be given to me. However, you won’t be charged additionally.